You’ll be surprised how much more powerful the new iMac is than the previous one.


New iMac 24 in tatters defeated its 21.5-inch predecessors. With a devastating score. Now that the test results of the new Apple monoblock have already been posted on the Geekbench website, their victory is documented. They try not to remember that sales of the smashed 21.5-inch iMacs began on March 19, 2019. As well as the fact that the processors in them are the eighth generation Coffee Lake of 2017. Which by the time the computers were released were already obsolete. Maybe they are doing the right thing by keeping quiet. Apple’s desktop wins have been depressingly few in recent years. There were only two in 2020 and 2021. The amazing 27-inch iMac came out in August 2020, and the M1 iMac in April 2021.

iMac 24

The new iMac just tore apart its predecessor. Who would doubt that!

Apple’s share of the desktop market is declining. Although in many ratings (there are many and they are very different), individual iMac models are in the first places. The 2020 27-inch iMac is usually in second place, with the 2017 iMac Pro deprecated coming in third. These are masterpieces, but masterpieces are expensive, not for everyone, they sell much worse than affordable models. Last November, Apple announced its return to the computer market. Apple Silicon, fantastic performance, especially amazing for an entry-level chip. But it is not enough to return the leading positions. Need the next apple chip.

Comparison of iMac 24 and iMac 21.5

Geekbench has published test results for two M1 iMac models: iMac21.1 and iMac21.2. In one of them, 7 out of 8 cores are active in the GPU of the chip. One core is turned off and blocked. This is an unrecoverable “birth defect”. The model with 7 graphics cores has other limitations, some of which can also be caused by chip defects. This is M1 iMac 8/7. In the online store, this model is placed on the left, that is, it is the first. And the unpopular iMac with ID iMac21.2 is a seven-color iMac with a full GPU and less limited – on the right, it’s second.

iMac 24

All available modifications of the iMac 24. The first and second from the left took part in the tests

In 20+ CPU performance tests, the iMac21.1 and iMac21.2 score roughly the same. The more points, the better. Due to the conditions in which the tests are carried out (chip temperature, air temperature, and more), even when testing the same computer, each test scores a different number of points. The spread is small, but noticeable – this is a very sensitive benchmark.

In single-threaded and multi-threaded tests, the M1 iMac21.1 averaged 1724 And 7,429 points. Like other Macs with the M1 chip. The iMac21.2 scores 1,728 and 7,652 in the only test published on Geekbench. The CPU in the M1 is the same in both iMac models, and benchmark results confirm what’s already known.

Still, it’s a win.

iMac graphics comparison

iMac 24

iMac 24 Motherboard

I only found one Geekbench Metal result. In this test, the iMac21.1 scored 21,820 points. Of course, this is less than the graphics processors from AMD and NVIDIA are gaining, but most often M1 with 8 cores in the graphics processor scores from 20,559 to 20,645 points. M1 with 7 cores scores less. 17-18 thousand. Have Apple engineers managed to somehow increase the performance of the GPU-on-chip M1 in some way unknown to us? How effective is this method? Can it make the 7-core GPU perform better than the 8-core ones in other M1-Macs? Is it possible using this method to achieve 168 thousand points from a 7-core GPU, like the AMD Radeon Pro W6900X, which is the leader in Geekbench Metal tests?

In general, we will wait for real graphics tests when the first iMac 24 arrives at the buyers. But now we can say for sure: iMac 21.5 became history.

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