You can’t imagine better: which Android smartphone to choose instead of iPhone in 2022


Actual departure of Apple from Russia and imposing a lot of restrictions on local users was the main reason why many of them decided to switch to Android. Perhaps this is not the most optimal solution, given that people had to abandon their familiar ecosystem. But in conditions when you are forcibly deprived of this very ecosystem, there is nothing to hold on to. After all, neither Apple Pay nor the App Store fully work in Russia anymore. And if so, you can safely leave your familiar place and go to a new one. It remains only to decide which smartphone should become the new home of a fan who has become disillusioned with Apple.

Apple technology users are accustomed to the real exclusivity of their devices. Top support, a wide range of software and services, one-touch payment convenience. However, recently there is neither one nor the other, nor the third. On Android, of course, things are much better. But you can’t buy any Xiaomi or Realme to replace the deceased from the point of view of iPhone functionality. So, you need to approach the choice more responsibly.

Should You Buy a Google Pixel?

logical contender for iPhone replacement always looked like a Google Pixel. So what? Pure Android, a top-end camera, support is what you need, and the design is quite up to par – even the Pixel 6, even the Pixel 7. True, both of them have several significant drawbacks that make them far from the best choice.

First, it’s a display. It is not clear why, but every year Google equips its “pixels” with rather mediocre – at least in comparison with the iPhone – matrices. Yes, these are always AMOLED panels with high resolution, brightness and contrast. But no matter which Google Pixel model you choose, it will invariably suffer from high PWMalso known as flicker, with no hint of a defense mechanism DC Dimming.

Secondly, “pixels” (I’m talking about smartphones) get warm like not in myself. Both reviewers and real users constantly complain about overheating. Moreover, this defect manifests itself in a variety of usage scenarios – from working with simple applications to banal charging, which fires up the device to such an extent that it becomes banally unpleasant to touch it. They say that it’s all about branded Google Tensor Processors. But what difference does it make to us? No one wants to hold a portable heating radiator in their hand.

Thirdly, Google Pixel smartphones – in any case, the sixth generation is a rather mediocre NFC. For some reason, few people talk about this, but for contactless payment you have to crawl the device directly through the terminal, while everyone else allows you to pay from a distance of 5-10 cm. It seems to be a trifle, but practice shows that this is quite inconvenient, because you have to look for the cherished point from which the payment will pass.

Nothing Phone 1 Benefits

In my opinion, Nothing Phone 1 looks much more interesting in this regard. This is not the most obvious choice, and indeed not the most popular smartphone. But, as for me, it is best suited to replace the iPhone.

The first thing that clearly distinguishes it from the background of competitors is the normal design of the front panel. I do not presume to judge a transparent backdrop, which may or may not be liked, but the lack of a characteristic android smartphones a chin is worth a lot. To do this, Nothing had to take the same matrix that Apple uses in the iPhone, with flexible edges and tuck them in to achieve identical edges around the display. And it costs, according to various sources, from one and a half to two times more expensive than conventional AMOLED panels.

Despite the fact that technologically the matrices in Nothing Phone 1 and iPhone are plus or minus similar, the “Chinese” uses a solution with refresh rate 120 Hz like Apple’s flagship smartphones and AOD support. The screen of Nothing Phone has high contrast, saturation and maximum viewing angles with minimum PWM. True, the brightness here is slightly lower than the top-end iPhones – 720 nits in standard mode and 1000 nits when displaying HDR content. But after all, something had to be saved, right?

The body of the smartphone almost completely repeats the silhouette of the iPhone 12. There are the same chopped edges (though beveled at the corners), a flat display and dual camera, consisting of a standard width and an extra wide of 50 megapixels each. I am very impressed with the approach of Nothing, which abandoned the useless by modern standards telephoto and macro module, which no one has ever used. Moreover, their absence does not affect the quality of shooting at all, according to the reviews of the owners.

The fastest Android smartphone

Nothing Phone 1 software is a different story. All over the Internet you will not find reviews that this smartphone is slow or something does not pull. Although the novelty uses Snapdragon 778G+ processor, it has been optimized so well that it hardly throttles. No matter how much you play even demanding games with high frame rates and powerful graphics, it will not drop the clock speed by a single hertz and at the same time it will hardly heat up.

They say that software optimization for Nothing Phone 1 was a team of several hundred developers who managed to achieve incredible results in speed and stability. True, recently the creators of the shell have been playing with performance and autonomy, relying on one or the other. But no matter what accent is chosen in the new firmware version, the smartphone continues to work quickly and seamlessly. Even the unique design features of the interface, including the proprietary Nothing font, do not interfere with it.

Nothing Phone 1 battery, of course, is too small. Only 4500 mAh with a 6.5-inch display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and, if not the most resource-intensive, but still quite powerful chipset, are unlikely to provide the smartphone with at least 2 days of full use. In the best case, what awaits you is from one to one and a half days of autonomy. In general, not a fountain, but fast charging, allowing the device to restore 100% of the resource in about an hour, at least a little, but compensates for the lack of battery capacity. By the way, wireless charging is also available. It supports 15W power and is charged from Qi standard stations.

Should I buy Nothing Phone 1

In general, from the point of view of support and software, everything is very good here, and even more was promised. Nothing hides what is inspired by Apple devices, so it plans to add to Nothing Phone 1 firmware native compatibility with AirPods. It is not very clear how this will be implemented, but, apparently, the headphones will interface with the smartphone in the same way as with the iPhone, and support all settings.

Of the less significant, but mandatory chips for any user, we note the following:

  • Support for long-range NFC and Russian payment services;
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint scanner – for nothing that is built into the display;
  • Support for 5G (for Russia it is completely irrelevant);
  • Support for all 4G bands for Russia;
  • Two physical slots for SIM cards (no eSIM);
  • Support for an adapted version of Google Camera;

Buy Nothing Phone 1

But the main feature of Nothing Phone 1, which contributes to buying it, is the price. On Aliexpress, a smartphone is sold for only 25-26 thousand rubles. This is noticeably less than the price at which the device originally went on sale, and about half the price of the simplest iPhone 13 today, not to mention newer models. Therefore, for myself, I chose Nothing Phone. Still pay for android So far, my conscience and the hope that Apple will return to the Russian Federation and turn on all its services again does not allow me 50-60 thousand rubles. But as a transshipment device, NP is perfect, that’s for sure.

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