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AirPods are so popular that even some Android fans use them. One gets the feeling that everyone has them, but this is not so: many doubt, ask the price, wait for discounts, and someone looks on the Internet in search of a decent used option. Buying these AirPods is always fraught with problems and wasted money: if you are lucky enough to run into a decent seller who put up his own headphones for sale, then there is a high probability that they will not live long. In addition, Internet sites are teeming with fake headphones. It’s time to dot the i’s: what’s wrong with used AirPods, is it worth saving money, and when exactly should you buy Apple headphones.

Battery in AirPods

Headphones AirPods By default, they give good autonomy. The battery of more or less new AirPods will be enough for a short flight from one city to another. Most new AirPods 3 and are completely able to work longer than AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. However, like any other device, the battery is a consumable item. In the case of AirPods, there is no official way to replace the battery – you will have to buy new headphones.

There is also no normal way to check the remaining capacity AirPods batteries. There are paid programs for Mac, as well as strange methods of calculation – real dances with a tambourine, not otherwise. The process of using AirPods differs for different users. It is unlikely that anyone conscientiously follows the recommendations:

  • Turn off noise cancellation, which drains your headphones faster;
  • AirPods are best kept in a case;
  • High volume affects the charge;
  • It is important to properly charge your headphones.

When buying used AirPods, you run the risk of running into a tired battery that will start to die after a few months. Money thrown away for nothing.

Cleaning your AirPods

I noticed that many people I know neglect to clean their AirPods (as well as cleaning their ears). You take someone else’s AirPods, but they are dirty and greasy, the nets are clogged with earwax. They can be cleaned with an ordinary ear stick, wiped with an alcohol wipe, but they will not become newer: dirt still penetrates inside and nothing can be done about it. Wearing such headphones is unpleasant – for the same reason many people sell their iPhones without EarPods. In addition, the case of AirPods begins to turn yellow over time. Agree, this is a bit not what you expect from snow-white Apple headphones.

If you are a clean person who cares about hygiene, then in this case you should take a closer look at the used AirPods Pro: they have replaceable ear pads that are much easier to clean from earwax. This is their huge plus, unlike regular AirPods. But again: pay attention to their color.

Quiet sound in AirPods

All headphones have one thing in common – over time, they begin to sound quieter. AirPods owners who have been using them for more than a year can notice this. When buying AirPods from your hands, you should have a more or less fresh copy on hand, for example, borrow from a friend, so that you have something to compare with.

Used AirPods can mislead you: one earpiece is louder, the other is quieter, or both are quiet at the same time. It’s all to blame for improper operation, listening to music at maximum volume, getting dirt or water inside. In general, one more reason to be more careful about such a purchase. And about what to do with AirPods when something went wrong with them, read our Yandex.Zen.

Charging case for AirPods

The case itself is quite good in use: it is compact, quickly recharges the headphones, it is quite possible to clean it from the accumulated dirt. The problem is different: it scratches from the air. Many readers of our Telegram chat refute this, they say, not a single scratch on the case for a year. You can be happy for such people.

In other cases, you can take absolutely any case for AirPods at his acquaintances and examine him properly: you will see how much life shook him. It looks rather unpleasant, but if this does not scare you, then an AirPods case case will do for this option.

How to buy used AirPods

In my opinion, if you decide to buy such AirPods, then try to do it with friends or acquaintances. It is not a fact that they will be in perfect condition, but you will definitely know the whole ins and outs of the headphones. In addition, they will definitely be original – it is unlikely that your friends wore a Chinese fake, which is difficult, but realistic to calculate among the options with Avito.

When buying from strangers, pay attention to literally everything: the color of the case, headphones, the AirPods box, check the serial numbers and even take a closer look at the AirPods instruction manual – Chinese craftsmen have learned how to perfectly fake AirPods, but often the crooked font in the instructions gives out a fake .

Buying used AirPods is like a lottery. But it is really to understand it, so as not to be left with nothing. Think about whether the game is worth the candle and the money saved: maybe it’s easier to buy new headphones?

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