Why You Don’t Need AirPods

AirPods 3

AirPods are considered to be the most popular in the world. Everyone is so obsessed with these TWS headphones that they are ready to use them not only with iPhone or iPad, but even with Android smartphones and Windows laptops. By the way, they really work in tandem with Windows quite well. In pursuit of AirPods, we forget that they are not without flaws: sometimes they appear some time later, which spoils the aftertaste. And many users face problems almost on the first day – in general, nothing new. If Apple magic overshadows everything, and you are ready to place an order with AirPods in the online store – do not rush to do it. We tell you why you should think again or even refuse to buy them.

Crackling in AirPods Pro

A year ago, it seemed logical to me to change the 1st generation AirPods to AirPods Pro: ordinary pods are not like the upgraded version with noise reduction, improved battery. At first, it seemed that the headphones were perfect: the noise canceler helped listen to podcasts without being distracted by extraneous noise, and the pressure control was the best that Apple engineers could come up with. A few months later, something else became clear: ears get tired of headphones, and pressing the headphone stem is far from the most practical way to navigate a playlist.

Many users are also familiar with the crackling in AirPods – a marriage that was made when the headphones were released. Usually this is changed under warranty, but you can buy headphones one at a time in case of other problems. Even if you do not have expensive AirPods Pro, but rather cheap, say, AirPods 2, you can buy the left earpiece or the right earpiece separately.

My friend was completely fed up with this, as a result of which he spat on the problematic AirPods Pro and bought a solid analogue. Our Telegram chat is teeming with readers’ messages about AirPods Pro problems – here is the first good reason for you to refuse to buy them.

What to look at: a friend chose Bowers and Wilkins PI5 – headphones with great sound and good noise reduction. Great replacement for AirPods Pro.

Fake AirPods

AirPods not only most popular headphones, but also the most frequently counterfeited. If earlier it seemed that it was very easy to calculate illiquid assets, now the Chinese masters have reached an incredible new level: they are not only indistinguishable in appearance, but also in interaction with iOS and even a guarantee on the Apple website. In our answers to questions, we have already said that one of our readers encountered a similar copy, having bought it from a charlatan who urgently needed money. Another thing is insulting: you can buy a fake in an official retail store, use it and not even notice the deception. No one is protected from this: one gets the feeling that fake AirPods many times more than the original.

The best wireless headphones

The AirPods line has grown too much: there is cheap AirPods 2AirPods Pro for those who need noise cancellation, AirPods 3 are the most new Apple headphones, but even they are inferior in some parameters to AirPods 2 (we talked about this in our Yandex.Zen). And do not forget about AirPods Max – full-size headphones for fans of this form factor.

The range is too large and choosing one is a real headache. AirPods 3 are not something you want to pay a large amount of money for, AirPods 2 are slowly becoming obsolete, and AirPods Pro are not for everyone at all. And so in a circle. It is very difficult to make the right choice, so as not to regret the money spent later. In the end, you realize that best AirPods does not exist.

What to look at: The Beats Studio Buds are a cool option. They are vaguely reminiscent of AirPods Pro, but they sound even better, and they cost noticeably less. And they work great with both iPhone and Android smartphones. True, they are also lost, but unlike the Apple AirPods Pro, you can hardly buy one earphone.

AirPods Battery

Perhaps the most painful topic headphones from Apple are batteries. They are able to live on average for a year and a half, after which rapid degradation and a decrease in battery life begin. It is clear that batteries are consumables, but something else is frustrating: Apple still has not recognized any of the ways to replace batteries as official, although until recently it was believed that they could not be replaced in principle. The company earns mercilessly on us, and for this reason, the desire to deposit a large amount of money disappears, knowing that one day AirPods will have to be thrown away.

What to look at: The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is a true work of art. Not only do they look cool, they are also able to work up to 7 hours without a lunch break.

How to set up AirPods on iPhone

Headphones from Apple are famous for connecting instantly to the iPhone and, in fact, you don’t need to configure them: you just need to remap the touch for each of the headphones. That’s it: there’s nothing more to be done. This is frustrating, because I want more settings to make them a little more individual. And if it’s about AirPods without noise cancellation, then it’s useless to even turn the equalizer in Apple Music: the sound remains the same as it was before. It turns out that there will be no additional parameters due to the limitations of AirPods – there is simply nothing to change in them. But the possibility of buying one AirPods instead of a lost / broken one is very captivating.

We don’t want to convince you, we just remind you that AirPods are not perfect: you may not need to refuse to buy them, but it’s better to weigh all the nuances before paying. Another thing is to buy an iPhone every year. They talked about why it’s not so bad.

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