Why You Can’t Change Hardware on Mac Computers


Recently, users are increasingly preferring the purchase of ready-made solutions to self-assembly of home computers. If you Apple fan and use their computers, you know for sure that when ordering any monoblock, laptop or system unit, in addition to standard configurations, you can also choose custom ones. They include themselves increasing the amount of RAM, SSD or better processor. For laptops, it is possible to engrave the keyboard in the desired language, and for iMac, a mouse or trackpad to choose from. Everything else the manufacturer has already provided for you.

Given the fact that prices for custom configurations are often very high, many decide to buy basic versions in the hope of making an independent revision of the device. For example, increase RAM. Unfortunately, Apple computers on their own M1 processors and M2 do not support this feature, and you have to be content with what was bought initially. Let’s see why Apple does not allow you to independently change the hardware in your computers and laptops.

Is it possible to increase the RAM on a Macbook

We all need computers for different tasks. Some work with texts, others edit videos, others process photos, others just sit in social networks. All these things require completely different devices. Agree, if you just browse social networks, then why do you need a 1 TB SSD? Absolutely unnecessary. But to store a large number of videos or photos, even 2 TB may not be enough.

That is why Apple gives you more options when buying computers, how you can upgrade a new device. However, many users are unhappy with this fact due to the pricing policy. To understand, let’s see how much additional improvements cost for MacBook Air with M2 processor when ordering them on the official Apple website. Standard equipment with 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD costs $1099. Look at some additional options prices:

  • 10-core GPU + $100 to the base price.
  • 16 GB of RAM + $180 to the base price.
  • 512GB SSD + $200 off base price.
  • 1TB SSD + $380 on base price.

These are just some of the extras that Apple offers. Unfortunately, everything Apple devices today they are imported into our country using parallel imports, and it will not work to assemble a configuration purely for oneself. It would be interesting to see how such a configurator will increase the price of the MacBook in our country.

Agree that the prices that Apple sets for components are not entirely humane. This is especially true for SSD drives. You can find similar memory for much less money. And here we come to one of the reasons why the Cupertino company does not allow users to change hardware themselves. Apple makes money off of this. And he earns very well. Not all users can get by with basic configurations. Realizing that in the future it will not be possible to make independent changes to the design, buyers simply have no choice but to pay Apple.

Upgrade RAM – iMac

Moreover, all this looks very sad against the background of the fact that earlier it was possible to increase without any problems, for example, RAM in iMac. In my 2011 model, a special plug is quietly removed, and the RAM is simply inserted into a free slot. It is very convenient and does not require any extra steps. Many contrived on their own change hdd in old macbook. It was only necessary to find the right screwdriver to remove the bottom panel. Now even this cannot be done. Most of the parts are soldered or glued to each other for structural reliability.

On the Apple website, in the section with instructions for replacing RAM on an iMac, there is a footnote for iMac 24 on the M1 processor:

Therefore, even there, an attempt to save on RAM can go sideways.

But you can’t blame Apple for simply brazenly cheating users for money. Agree that any attempt to do something on your own is most often a desire to save money. In pursuit of cheaper components, users most often buy very cheap hardware, which simply cannot take out the load. In this case, from the previous Mac performance may not leave a trace. In the meantime, all the bumps for the problems that have appeared will fall on Apple. It is unlikely that anyone will think that cheap components are to blame.

Macbook – SSD Replacement

It is from this that Cupertino seeks to protect its users. Initially, high-quality parts are installed in computers, which are tested by the manufacturer. And Apple takes responsibility for their performance. The user can only use his computer and enjoy it. So on your own replace same ssd on macbook will not work. And if you are going to change it through the official service center, then you can choose a new one only from a limited list of supported ones.

Another reason can be called the fact that for the correct operation of any part, appropriate drivers are needed. If users are allowed to put everything that is badly in their devices, then programmers will have to work only on writing these same drivers. In the situation that has been created now, the manufacturer clearly knows which part is in which computer, and its performance is supported by the appropriate software.

Of course, it is possible to replace all this in unofficial service centers. Craftsmen can install almost anything on your computer. But keep in mind that no one can guarantee a positive result for you. That is why it is better to decide in advance which Mac equipment you need, and pay a little or a lot for it. Let’s hope that someday it will be possible to order custom configurations on the official Apple website in our country again, and then users will have much less problems. In the meantime, don’t assume that Apple is exceptionally greedy. Concerns about users in this situation are much more than attempts to make money.

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