Why we don’t need parallel iPhone import in Russia


Probably, there is no longer a person left in Russia who has not heard about parallel import. It is through parallel imports that the products of all manufacturers that have stopped deliveries will now come to our country. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the same as gray supplies. However, many tend to connect them and even identify them, although in fact this is a big mistake. Let’s try to figure out the difference between gray and parallel imports, why iPhone to Russia they do not carry in parallel and what is most beneficial for us as consumers.

In simple terms, parallel imports differ from gray imports in their legality. Gray is not regulated in any way and, in fact, consists in the piece import of goods purchased abroad. The seller simply buys equipment somewhere in Europe, returns VAT when crossing the border, which is from 10 to 20%, brings it to Russia and sells it here at a slightly higher price.

Parallel imports – prices

At gray import purchases of equipment are carried out in those countries where prices are the lowest and the tax is higher. Then the return that the sero-carrier manages to get will be higher. Everything is logical. Therefore, the prices for gray goods in Russia are traditionally lower than the official ones by the same 10-15%, or even more. But parallel imports are completely different.

Parallel import involves the fulfillment of several conditions at once, which make it unprofitable for the end consumer. See for yourself:

  • Register a legal entity in the country where the goods are purchased;
  • Convert rubles to local currency for purchases;
  • Organize a supply chain (often very difficult and expensive);
  • Certify the product before it is sold to the buyer;
  • Provide conditions for warranty and non-warranty service.

All this leads to the fact that price of a device imported into Russia by parallel import, becomes 20-25, and sometimes even 30% higher. This becomes clear with an example Galaxy A53which is not officially supplied to our country, but is imported from abroad and sold at a price of 39,990 rubles, which is a lot.

If we recalculate 430 euros, in which the device is estimated in Europe, into rubles, we will get even less than 26 thousand. And this is on condition that we forget that Samsung subsidized the sales of smartphones of the line Galaxy A in Russia, deliberately selling them here cheaper than abroad. Otherwise, the price would have been even lower. That is, the difference in price is almost 40%. It’s unthinkable.

iPhones are not yet imported to Russia by parallel imports. Fear. And this fear is not unfounded. Retailers fear that if Apple notices large batches of iPhones being shipped to the Russian market without vacuum, the company will simply will block them. In this case, retailers will lose money, reputation, and possibly spend money on lawsuits with consumers who buy imported iPhones before the lockdown, and then get a brick.

The price of the iPhone SE 2022 in Russia

Be that as it may, it is rather difficult to imagine that the imported iPhone Parallel Import will be beneficial. Well, think for yourself: now on Yandex Market gray iPhone SE 2022 costs less than 30 thousand rubles. If you buy it with a Tinkoff Black card, you can get 10% cashback back and it will turn out even cheaper.

With parallel imports, there will be no such benefit. Even if the dollar exchange rate remains at the current level, buy iPhone SE 2022 we can at best for 40 thousand rubles. Why this overpayment? It is clear that the inconvenience of the seller. But you are also at risk, because Apple can get pissed off at any moment and disable iphone from a large consignment imported into the Russian Federation without permission.

It turns out a double-edged sword. On the one hand, acquiring iPhone brought by parallel import, you conditionally protect yourself from its failure. After all, then you can contact the retailer who sold it to you, and he will either repair the smartphone or replace it with a new one.

With serovozami such a trick will not work. Their obligation to you ends 14 days after the sale. But they also have a much more attractive price. Buying a Gray iPhone you risk a guarantee, but save real money here and now. Often the difference can be 30 or even 40%. So what will you choose? For me, the answer to this question is obvious.

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