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Apple regularly tries to occupy the niche of low-cost devices and start competing on equal terms with manufacturers of Android smartphones. And almost always, these experiments not only fail directly, but do not give the effect that Cupertino is counting on. The thing is that Apple never sets a price on its budget devices for which they are ready to buy in large quantities. It is always more expensive, and in some situations significantly. It feels like Apple just doesn’t know how to properly position iPhones.

In 2022, by releasing iPhone SE third generation, Apple has once again confirmed that it is far from the market for budget devices. Explain why we don’t need cheap iPhones and that Apple is better off focusing on flagships, which they are great at.

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To get to the point, I’ll take you back a little with a reminder of how Apple originally released iPhones. Each year, one new flagship came out, and last year’s smartphone became a kind of budget device. Starting with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the flagships began to be produced in pairs, and in the same pair the next year they became cheaper. Over time, the line was expanded, and Pro-models were discontinued with the release of new versions.

To fill the empty niche of budget iPhones, Apple released iPhone SE small screen in the iPhone 5S design. Although the smartphone had good hardware, even then small smartphones began to lose popularity. And if the release of the iPhone SE in 2020 can somehow be explained, then iPhone SE 3 lagged behind the market so much that its sales, to put it mildly, are not impressive.

iPhone SE 2022 right now on Yandex Market you can buy for 30 thousand rubles in the 64 GB version. For comparison: in the same place and for the same money is sold Nothing Phone 1which offers a cool, unusual back panel design, a powerful processor, a bezel-less screen, an in-display fingerprint scanner, a good camera, fast charging, and most importantly, 128 GB of memory in the basic version.

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Against its background, the iPhone SE, with its huge frames and small screen, looks like a terrible relic of the past. It is not surprising that buyers prefer to overpay and buy, although not quite fresh, but at least a modern iPhone 12. What not to complain about in the iPhone SE is the productive hardware. But why is it needed if its small battery is discharged before our eyes at the slightest load.

And here a logical question arises: Apple, why do something that you can’t do? Well, they turn out to be excellent flagships. So take care of them. Look at iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Devices, thanks to the new display design and cool stuffing, are selling well. We don’t need full compromises and restrictions cheap iphone. Either it should be with minimal differences compared to the flagships, for example, in the chipset and camera, or just don’t release it.

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But this applies not only to iPhones, but also to other devices. Most recently, we talked about AirPods Lite, which are currently in development at Apple. And, most likely, these will be headphones in the AirPods 2 design, or simply AirPods 2 will drop to $99. But this form factor is already really outdated. And just wireless headphones for $ 100 without some interesting goodies look strange. Moreover, they have serious disadvantages in the form of the lack of both active and passive noise reduction. And when twisting the sound, others will be able to enjoy music with you. It is better to buy Redmi Buds 3 Pro, which cost 2.5 times cheaper and get normal noise reduction and excellent sound quality.

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And let’s remember iPad 10which Apple tried in every way to reduce the price? Apple Pencil first generation with an adapter for charging to USB-C, which looks, to put it mildly, strange. A screen with an air gap from somewhere in 2013, the absence of the main goodies of iPadOS 16 in the form of Stage Manager and 64 GB in the basic version look like an outright mockery.

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I am glad that at least the basic versions of Apple laptops are good. I personally have no complaints about them. In the end, it seems to me that the Cupertino company should return to the old model for the release of iPhones: the next year the current flagship is shifted in the line by one position until it is removed from production two or three generations later. So buyers will get cheaper flagships, and Apple will not have to come up with budget devices that become obsolete even before they come out.

It is for this reason that I am very positive about the cancellation of the iPhone SE 4 and believe that Apple should not release cheap airpods. It’s better to get a decent device for a little more money than one that’s been stripped down in terms of features from somewhere in the past. In this regard, the iPad 10 does not look hopeless. It just needs a little work on it, which will most likely be done in the next generation. Then this device can be recommended for purchase without looking. In the meantime, it’s better to look at the current flagships of the Pro-series or, with a lack of money, at the firmware of previous years. They will definitely not disappoint you and will work as it should for more than one year.

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