Why the wake-up sound is only available on the iPhone 14 and why you really need it


How many gadgets do you have? Well, for sure, in your collection there is also a laptop, PC or TV with Smart TV: no matter what brand the device is, there is a special sound signal when it is turned on. A branded short melody on the start screen, like some kind of “Triads”, signals that you have turned on the gadget. But there are exceptions: for example, in your favorite iPhone there is no turn-on sound and there was not even in previous models. This is strange, because other smartphones have it. Only in 2022 did Apple add turn on sound in iPhone 14. Do you know why you really need it?

Sound when iPhone turns on

The lack of a wake-up sound on the iPhone is another mystery from Apple, along with why old wallpapers disappear from new versions of iOS. Surely you have not thought about why the melody never appeared when the device was started? In fact, this does not apply to all gadgets of the company.

For example, it was on the MacBook until 2016, but later, for unknown reasons, disappeared, returning only in macOS Big Sur. This is rather strange, since turn on sound is directly identified with the company and makes it recognizable. For example, the famous Nokia melody when turned on. In fact, there are several guesses.

  • Apple devices turn on instantly, so it makes no sense to add a proprietary sound. They say it was intended that way: the company gives the impression that it really iPhone loads fast.
  • Creating and implementing sound is an energy-intensive and costly process. Apple simply does not want to spend money on this, because the company’s gadgets are already recognizable due to the apple on the back cover, the Home button or Face ID.
  • There is also a version that everything is again tied to marketing: everyone has a turn-on sound, the iPhone does not, because Apple smartphones are special. This adds to the iPhone’s appeal.

As mentioned above, there is no official version, so, theoretically, each of the above is correct in its own way. Write in the comments which option seems most logical to you!

iPhone 14 startup sound

After the Apple presentation, videos went viral on social networks stating that iPhone has a power-on sound, which can be activated manually. And this is true, it only applies to the new models of the iPhone 14 line. Why is it not in other iPhones after updating to iOS 16?

According to PC Mag, the sound is built into the firmware of the A15 and A16 Bionic chips, and not into the new OS. It’s hard to say if this is true, but at the moment, the sound is one of the exclusive “Accessibility” features on new models, as it was earlier with the battery indicator and Memoji. Essentially, it is designed for people with disabilities so that they can understand what iPhone turned on – confirmed it Stephen Aquino on Twitter.

Besides, beep in iPhone 14 is intended for support specialists with whom users contact in case of breakdowns, but for exactly the same reason. Then why there is no this parameter for visually impaired users on older models – the question still remains unanswered. After all, flash for warnings and other functions are available on all smartphones? Perhaps in the future Apple will answer this question.

note that Mac startup sound and the iPhone 14 is different. This is no accident: in the first case, it is used as a signal that the system has successfully started and there are no errors, in the second it is used for users with disabilities. We can say that the iPhone is a simpler device compared to the Mac, so the sound indication of system boot is not needed.

How to enable sound on iPhone 14 startup

It’s interesting that iPhone startup sound works when you turn on, turn off or restart your smartphone. At the same time, it always sounds at the same volume, regardless of what level is set on the smartphone. What’s more, the iPhone 14’s wake-up signal works in silent mode! But with a forced reboot, it will not be – keep in mind. Turning it on is very easy.

  • Go to iPhone Settings 14.
  • Select Accessibility.
  • Click “Audio Visualization”.
  • Turn on the slider next to Turn on and off sounds.

As mentioned above, iPhone turn on sound sewn into the firmware of the chip and hidden in the system. However, you can try to find it through the file manager: it is called d27-boot-chime.im4p, d28-boot-chime.im4p, d73-boot-chime.im4p or d74-boot-chime.im4p depending on your iPhone model, and the mute sound is called DeviceShutdown.caf. It must be located in the folder embedded audio resources. This once again suggests that so far the function has been made specially available only on new models as an exclusive.

An interesting fact: the shutdown sound became known on the day the iPhone 14 was announced and was found by enthusiasts in this folder, but in the beta version of iOS 16 Release Candidate and on one of the previous iPhone models. So, there is every chance that in the future it will appear on other models!

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