Why the iPhone does not charge well and how we spoil it ourselves


Agree that anything can be broken in the phone. Whether it’s a push-button dialer or the most modern iPhone 13 Pro Max, it still breaks. But often we are to blame for this. And accidental drops are not the worst thing that can happen to a smartphone. We have already told on our website how users break their smartphones in general, and in this article we will analyze the most common causes of damage to the phone connector and consider how to protect it so that even after a few years it will charge well and not let you down at the most crucial moment.

Where to repair iPhone

As usual, when we need to figure something out from a technical point of view, we turn to our friends from the Apple Pro service center, which we advise you if you need to do some kind of repair or just your iPhone (or other Apple equipment) is working not entirely correct. We have already shown examples of their work many times.

Now we asked what are the most common connector damages that they are addressed with. Even for ourselves, we learned a lot of new things and did not think that in this way it was possible to disable the iPhone connector.

iPhone repair price list (by model)

Why iPhone won’t charge

Proper phone jack cleaning

Often the phone stops charging due to a dirty connector. Over time, dust, lint from pockets and other debris gets there, and we tamp it all down with a plug. As a result, it is poorly inserted and charging does not go.

The most experienced users know that it needs to be cleaned, but not everyone knows that this must be done carefully. If there is no self-confidence, then it is better to turn to professionals. When undertaking such work yourself, keep in mind that you can not use metal objects. Only extreme accuracy, no pressure on the side parts with contacts and nothing harder than a toothpick as a tool. This is the only way to minimize the risk of damage.

Water has entered the charging port

This is also a possible cause of damage to the connector. We have already said many times that even a phone with the declared water protection cannot be wetted. No one guarantees that in case of a fall, deformation of the case in a pocket, or as a result of a factory defect, the protective gasket of the case was not damaged.

In the event of water ingress into the housing, no manufacturer will deal with warranty repairs. Everyone immediately declares this on their websites, drawing an asterisk next to the indication of the water protection rating. In fact, the declared IP rating is not a guarantee, but only proof that the conditional test items have passed the appropriate tests in an independent laboratory.

If the phone is dropped into water or water gets into the connector, blow it out with a hairdryer or a soft jet of compressed air, and continue to be careful. Even if water does not enter the case through the connector, its long stay there can oxidize the contacts, and charging before the connector dries out will most likely simply short out and disable the phone.

Something sticky got into the charging port

This does not happen often, but it cannot be ruled out. If this happens, it is better to immediately go to the experts. Sweet drinks, food particles, alcohol and other things actively oxidize contacts and you can hardly clean them yourself.

Rinsing with clean water, followed by drying, can save, but I did not tell you this. It has already been written above why you can’t wet your phone. You risk even more serious damage.

Is it possible to blow into phone jacks

And again no! You can’t blow into the connectors. You will not notice how particles of saliva get inside and the very process of oxidation will begin. This applies to all phones and technology in general. It is better to use compressed air tanks. They are inexpensive, but do the job much better. Just be aware of the terms of use. Otherwise, the liquid mixture inside, which is responsible for creating pressure, will fly out through the tube. This usually happens if you tilt the balloon. First, just try to use it, and then apply it on equipment. But in any case, do not be zealous. A powerful jet may damage delicate components.

Non-original charger for iPhone

Probably the most common topic we warn against. If you buy non-genuine iPhone accessories, do it carefully so as not to become a customer of the service center.

Low-quality wires are often not only soldered anyhow, but the connector itself leaves much to be desired. He can not only close the contacts in the connector, but simply break them physically.

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How to properly charge your phone

The most correct way to charge your phone is with the original wire. When exactly to do this is not so important, because the battery has “fool protection” and it is quite difficult to damage it. You can also use wireless charging if supported.

The main thing is not to save on cables and power adapters and not to go into the connector with anything. So you can break an expensive phone. For example, replacing the charging connector on an iPhone 11 at an Apple Pro service center costs 4,900 rubles. And this is still a low price for a reliable place. In an authorized service center, such work is much more expensive.

Do not risk an expensive gadget, use it carefully and wisely. And in return he will serve you faithfully for many years.

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