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If you have been following Apple presentations for a long time or just looked at the company’s website at least once, then you know that about technical iPhone specifications practically nothing is said. Most often, superficial information is provided, which will be enough only for ordinary people. What can we say about the manufacturers of individual components, which Apple very often simply hides in order to prevent any leaks about future products. This, of course, does not always work out. Moreover, it is from suppliers that information is often leaked about the reduction in the production of individual devices.

The other day, Tim Cook visited the camera development center of the Japanese company Sony and confirmed with his post on social networks that Apple and Sony have been cooperating in this area for more than a decade. What automatically means the use of Japanese cameras in Apple smartphones. We understand what gives the company from Cupertino such cooperation and what cameras are waiting for future iPhone models.

What camera does iphone have

More often than not, data on the components that are used in the iPhone comes from resources like iFixit, which conduct a regular analysis of all the new Apple products, compile a detailed list of the contents of devices and try to determine who made which part. It was all the more surprising to see confirmation of cooperation between Apple and Sony from the head of the apple company. Tim Cook’s social networks posted the following entry:

In this situation, it is not at all surprising that Apple buys cameras from Sony. Rather the opposite. Since the Japanese company is famous for its modules, which are installed in a very large number of Android smartphones, including those from Sony itself. Surprising here is the difference in the final result between devices from Sony and Apple.

If photos and videos from an iPhone can be shown anywhere and there will be no shame, then such a trick will not work with Sony. Apparently, the algorithms for processing the final images and the possibilities processor from Apple significantly higher than those from Sony. And because of this, this result is obtained. Plus, Sony smartphones are more designed for the user to work with the settings at the time of shooting. Apple has a completely opposite approach: pointed, removed. And automation should do everything for you.

Just look at the huge difference in image quality between the Xperia PRO-I and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It is immediately clear that Apple programmers do not eat their bread in vain. Here, all the capabilities of processors and neural networks are clearly involved, which allow you to pull some pictures to a completely different level. Boast these results smartphones from Sony they just can’t.

iPhone 15 – Camera

And, apparently, the cooperation between the two companies does not end there. If almost no Android smartphone can compete with iPhones in shooting video, then everything is not so rosy regarding photos. Unlike Sony, other manufacturers are working hard on image processing algorithms, like Google, for example, and in addition to this, they install lenses in their devices that allow shooting with a strong optical zoom. As in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, one of whose telephoto cameras allows you to shoot at 10x zoom.

Modern iPhones cannot boast of this, so Apple is currently working to install in the future iPhone 15 Pro periscope, which guarantees 10x optical zoom. And the main and wide-angle cameras should get a large aperture for better light capture and brighter shots in low light conditions. The only question is which company will produce new modules for Apple. Judging by the recording of Tim Cook, we can conclude that it will be Sony.

If it is already known for sure about the periscope that it will not get base iPhone 15 models, then the rest of the cameras can still appear in them. It remains to be hoped that Apple decides to equip all its smartphones with good cameras. Still, 12 megapixel modules in the base iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus have already become obsolete. Of course, due to the resolution alone, you won’t get good pictures, but I would like to have more clarity in the photos when zooming in.

Waiting for new iPhones thanks to such cooperation is becoming more and more interesting. I want to know if Apple can surprise us with the quality of photos and at the same time beat all the competitors on Android. And most importantly, will new ones rise in price because of this? smartphones from Apple. But the cooperation between Sony and Apple is not limited to cameras. According to MacRumors, the Japanese company is to supply Apple OLED displays on silicon (OLEDoS) for a VR or AR headset that we may see next year.

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