Why now is the best time to buy an iPhone 12

iPhone 12

In my opinion, now – I mean the summer of 2021 – is the best time to buy iPhone 12. By it, I mean in general all four models belonging to the flagship line, so I will not continue to paint the names of each iPhone belonging to the 12th generation. Let me just tell you what my theory is.

Buy iPhone 12 or wait for iPhone 13

Classic iPhone 12 today costs less than 60 thousand rubles

Firstly, iPhone 12 – any is the best and the top-end iPhone to date. That is, a smartphone is better than he (s), you simply cannot find it on the market today. There is a top-end camera with advanced shooting capabilities, and convenient MagSafe wireless charging, and a high-performance processor that simply does not exist more powerful.

Secondly, iPhone 12 has already fallen in price. If you compare the current prices for smartphones of the line, you will see that they have fallen plus or minus 20 thousand rubles. Basically, of course, such prices are found only in gray retailers, but if you get confused, you can find a good deal in white retail. Very often various iPhone discounts caught on Tmall, so just keep your finger on the pulse.

Thirdly, iPhone 12 benefits from its noveltyand hence high liquidity. Well, see for yourself: most likely, you are buying a smartphone not for one year, but at least for two. In two years, you will still have quite a relevant and in-demand device in your hands, which still has to work and work. You can sell it for quite sane money, repulsing up to half the cost. But some iPhone XR by that time will already turn into a frank junk.

Fourth, despite the fact that there is not much time left before the release of the iPhone 13, you will still have time to enjoy still the newest iPhone, and also guaranteed to protect yourself from all the problems of the newly released device. After all, if you remember, all new products have flaws at first, which Apple eliminates over the next few months.

Which iPhone is better to buy in 2021

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max are the best representatives of the lineup

Another thing – which iPhone of the four to choose: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max. As for me, only two devices are worthy of attention. These are the regular iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Why? Let’s go from the opposite.

iPhone 12 mini, as you know, should be considered at the very least because of its size. Powerful hardware and other advantages of the flagship iPhone are not able to level its main drawback – a small screen on which it is impossible to watch a video, surf the Internet, or chat normally without breaking your eyes or fingers.

The iPhone 12 Pro is just as good as the iPhone 12. Perhaps even better. But here it is prohibitively expensive. And for what? In fact, the key difference between the “firmware” and the classical model is perhaps the telephoto lens and lidar. But I’m not ready to pay for components whose purpose is to double zoom and shoot portrait photos in complete darkness, I’m not ready for the extra 20 thousand rubles, and I don’t advise you either.

But the iPhone 12 is a smartphone that has nothing superfluous. Largely because of this, it costs quite sane money for a flagship device. Today it can be found cheaper than 60 thousand rubles. I understand that this is not three kopecks. But, if you think that they are asking too much for him, read this article. There I explain in detail why the iPhone 12 is actually a very affordable smartphone. You will be amazed, I assure you.

As for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it may seem that it is superfluous here. After all, it costs even more than the iPhone 12 Pro. But there really is something to pay for, and this is a big screen. In general, I love devices with hypertrophied displays, and the 6.7 inches that the iPhone 12 Pro Max offers are ideal for me. On such a screen, you can even watch a series on the road without using a tablet, which I usually take with me on a trip so as not to break my eyes staring at the smartphone screen.

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