Why is it so hard to own Apple technology

iPhone 13

For some reason, it is generally accepted that iPhone owners are the happiest and most advanced people in the world. The iPhone is still considered something prestigious, but it makes little sense – it is the same smartphone as Samsung or Xiaomi. Perhaps it is somehow better than analogues on Android, but I would not elevate Apple devices so much. In fact, there are many nuances in using an iPhone, iPad or MacBook: I hear all the time that this or that has problems with Apple technology. It turns out that users encounter problems quite often. In general, everything is absolutely not as cloudless as many people think. We talk about what problems arise when using Apple technology.

iPhone shortage in Russia

Remember the calm 2021, when the iPhone was enough for everyone – now everything will be different. Yes, this is a temporary phenomenon, but finding the desired iPhone is no longer so easy. Yesterday I decided to look into the online store to find out the cost of the iPhone 12 Pro, but it was no longer in stock. Coincidence? Of course not. In the near future, demand will continue to exceed supply, Apple even suspends production. The worst part about this situation is that buy iPhone profitably it won’t work either – stocks have run out in small stores, so it won’t work to save.

Which iPhone is better to choose

Android smartphone owners will chuckle when they see this item, but choosing an iPhone is really not easy: here is the latest iPhone 13, there is also an iPhone 13 mini – compact smartphone babywhich will never be again. We do not write off the iPhone 12 Pro from the accounts – it is still good. Or better than the iPhone 11, which is now ideal in terms of price-quality ratio? From such a cycle of Apple smartphones, your head is spinning and it is very difficult to decide on a purchase. But there are still iPhones that are no longer so good – maybe you should choose among them?

With the iPad, by the way, about the same. Apple has a fairly extensive range of current devices – here’s another headache for you. Some users are completely confused: buy a new iPhone now, selling the old one, or wait until next year? A question, the answer to which is hidden somewhere in the middle.

Accessories for Apple

Let’s say you bought the iPhone or iPad you wanted, but the problems don’t end there: you need to buy a case, protective glass, AirPods or Apple Pencil. Accessories for Apple are not the cheapest pleasure. The original case for the iPhone will cost several thousand rubles, and AirPods in the best case will cost 10-12 thousand rubles. You might also need an iPad keyboard to make your tablet much more comfortable to use, or a Smart Cover to dress it up in the latest fashion.

In short, Apple has a huge number of accessories on which the company makes good money – this is another reason why the owners of apple technology have a hard time. Also, don’t forget the original iPhone charger if you want your smartphone’s battery to last as long as possible. Charging your iPhone with a cheap adapter and a simple cable is a real sacrilege.

How much does iPhone repair cost

None of us is immune from a broken screen and other incidents. The most unpleasant thing when a non-warranty case occurs is that in your mind you start to figure out how much you get. It is worse when the equipment is bigger: for example, iPad or MacBook. A friend of mine was angry about my thoughts about the MacBook a month ago, but we agreed on one thing – it’s an expensive repair.

In addition, with each new version of the device, it only becomes more expensive. Accidentally smash iPhone or an iPad is expensive, and repairs are not available in every city. Sometimes neither the cover nor the protective glass saves from falling, which makes it very sad.

iPhone update issues

Each iOS update is fraught with risks: it would seem that you do not expect anything terrible, but any release of iOS is accompanied by complaints. Readers of our Telegram chat often install iOS immediately, but many face difficulties: iPhone freezes, the battery will drain faster. Apple is the richest company in the world, but even it fails to make all devices work smoothly. In general, although not everyone has to suffer, it happens quite suddenly and randomly: you never know what will happen to the iPhone or iPad after an iOS update.

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