Why iPhone SE 3 is the best smartphone for Russia in 2022


Earlier this week, Apple introduced the iPhone SE 2022. The novelty turned out to be exactly what they were waiting for: a case from the iPhone 8, a processor from the iPhone 13, a small 4.7-inch screen, a Home button with an integrated Touch ID scanner, and a single camera from 2017 of the year. In general, a cross between a bulldog and a rhinoceros, and even $ 30 more expensive than before. Therefore, the novelty was hated even before the start of official sales, leaving it not even a chance of success. And, meanwhile, this is a really cool device that deserves to be bought.

I will not talk about the shortcomings of the iPhone SE 3 like a small display and a fingerprint scanner instead of Face ID. In the end, for some, these are not disadvantages at all, but quite real advantages. Let’s better focus on the objective side of the issue and go through the aspects that make the novelty, perhaps, the most best smartphone to buy in 2022. In Russia, that’s for sure.

Specifications of the iPhone SE 2022

First, let’s go over the hardware stuffing. The iPhone SE 3 specs look pretty good:

Firstly, the hardware basis of the smartphone is the top-end mobile CPU Today – Apple A15 Bionic. Exactly the same is in the iPhone 13. It is not known whether we are talking about a full-fledged version of the chip or a stripped-down one like in the iPad mini 6, but the performance of the novelty is at the level of a real flagship. Based on Geekbench results in a single-core test iPhone SE 3 scored 1695 points (for iPhone 13 – 1686), and in multi-core – 4021 points (for iPhone 13 – 4489).

Secondly, Apple has increased iPhone SE 3 RAM by 30% – from 3 to 4 GB. It may not sound like much, but don’t forget that a) the iPhone 12 has exactly the same amount of RAM and b) iOS uses RAM very economically, and 4 GB on an iPhone equates to about 6 GB on Android. Thus, the iPhone SE will be able to simultaneously keep in memory a dozen or two applications and games, as well as Safari with a set of several open tabs, without unloading any of it.

Thirdly, the module iPhone SE 3 cameras although it migrated to it from the iPhone 8, in fact there is nothing wrong with that. After all, today all smartphones are filmed according to the principle of “do it well”. They programmatically stretch the frame, trying to make it better than it really is, brighten it if the photo was taken in low light conditions, and even paint on details where they could not be captured in high quality. And for this you need a powerful processor. A15 Bionic is just right to bring iPhone SE 3 image quality plus or minus to the level of iPhone 13.

Fourth, Apple rocked iPhone SE 3 battery. It is not yet known how many milliamps the company added to it, but we certainly know that the smartphone began to live a whole 2 hours longer than its predecessor. Surely such an increase is due not only to an increase in battery capacity, but also to the energy efficiency of the processor. However, what difference does it make to you and me if the device received an additional 20% of the autonomy time? As a result, the iPhone SE 3 runs 15 hours of video playback versus 13, streams video for 10 hours versus 8, and plays audio for 50 versus 40 hours. Not bad, isn’t it?

Which iPhone to buy in 2022

You know what you’re capable of iPhone SE 3 camera? Why, it supports all the same gadgets as the iPhone 13. Here you have Deep Fusion frame enhancement technology, and Smart HDR 4, and a bunch of portrait modes, and much more. Unless there is no macro photography, but the base iPhone 13 also lacks it. So don’t judge. Otherwise, you can safely count on the fact that the new product will shoot at least decently, and in different shooting scenarios. Just remember how I shot the iPhone SE 2020. Why, it could well compete even with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 12. But it did not support either Deep Fusion or Smart HDR 4.

As for me, the iPhone SE 2022 today is quite pulling for the title cheapest smartphone with the best camera. Yes, it does not support night mode, which is strange considering how powerful the processor it has. But – let’s be honest – how often do you shoot photos in low light conditions? I have this on the strength of 5% of all the photos that are stored in the memory of my iPhone. So the loss, frankly, is small. Moreover, there are no other restrictions, and it is quite possible to use the novelty as the main shooting tool, surpassing many Android devices.

Why do I advise buy iPhone SE 3, and not, say, the iPhone 11, which supports night mode, has a larger battery and a larger display? In fact, there are several reasons for this:

  • iPhone SE 3 price lower than the iPhone 11: $430 versus $500. In the context of the continuously growing exchange rate of the American currency against ours, this is a rather critical difference. So, if the iPhone SE 2022 ever reaches our market, it will be more profitable to buy it than the iPhone 11.
  • iPhone SE 2022 performance tritely higher than that of the iPhone 11. The performance of the novelty is much higher, which means that such a reserve, firstly, will last longer, and the smartphone will be able to receive support for the newest functions for longer, and, secondly, it will be much easier for it to process heavy applications and games, which are becoming more and more in the App Store.
  • Well, and, of course, iPhone SE 3 support. Thanks to the most modern hardware, the novelty will be updated for at least 5 years, and the iPhone 11, which is already three years old this year, is still a couple of years away at best. And in our realities, you definitely need to buy smartphones that will live as long as possible. The iPhone SE 3 will obviously have no problems with this.
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