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June crept up unnoticed, and with it the first summer Saturday. Let’s hope that the next three months will be filled with great new products from Apple and other good news from the company, and not restrictions and other sanctions. With the onset of the warm season, I propose to talk about the correct use of Apple gadgets, in particular AirPods: as you know, these headphones are well suited for training. True, not for everyone: the other day, one of the readers of our Telegram chat spoke about an unpleasant incident that happened to him and his AirPods Max.

We wish our subscriber good health and see why AirPods are not suitable for cycling and how dangerous they are.

Can you ride a bike with headphones on?

In the summer, many of us switch to bicycles: someone goes to work, someone winds up kilometers, closing circles on the Apple Watch, and someone needs this type of transport just for the soul. But ride a bike with headphones not only undesirable, but also dangerous. The cyclist is always considered the most vulnerable road user: in 2019 alone, the increase in accidents involving cyclists was 40%. In most cases, the fault lies with the owners of the car, but it also dulls the attention of athletes: I noticed that even when you walk, listen to music or a podcast, you completely break away from reality and even walk past people you know without noticing them.

In many countries, the initiative to ban headphone riding is being discussed at the legislative level, but neither the warnings nor the accidents that are constantly reported in the press are helping to wean cyclists from this habit. Since you’re riding with the wind, let’s see Can you ride a bike with AirPods? and which ones are best for it.

How to use AirPods correctly

There are several ways use AirPods correctly while driving a car or operating any other vehicle.

  • try use one earphoneso as not to be distracted from what is happening: it is not without reason that many drivers, even in 2022, choose a headset in one ear for talking on the phone.
  • AirPods are extremely hard to control by tapping while riding. Turn on Siri or create a playlist of the most relevant music so you don’t have to skip tracks or use your iPhone as often as possible.
  • If you still ride in two headphones, then set the volume below 50%: so you will always hear what is happening around.
  • If you are driving along the road, and not through the park or forest, do not turn on podcasts: you need to listen to the conversation of the presenters, as a result of which the chatter is addictive. There is an increased risk of driving into a hole, running a red light, or not hearing a car horn from behind.

Based on this, exactly AirPods Max not suitable for cycling, like our reader: their design slightly obscures the view, and the full-size form factor reduces the sound incoming even with transparency turned on. AirPods Pro are next: also not the safest headphones to ride due to noise cancellation.

And in general, any vacuum headphones are dangerous while driving. AirPods 3 seem to be the preferred choice for cycling: they have a short stem and a comfortable design similar to AirPods Pro, due to which the headphones fit snugly in the ears and do not interfere with the control of the bike.

In my opinion, AirPods should not be used while cycling at all. It is better to use EarPods, but on the condition that the wire passes under the clothes and does not restrict movement, and the iPhone is in your pocket. Bone conduction headphones are also suitable for cycling: they send sound directly to the inner ear through the bones of the skull, so you can hear the horn of an approaching car or the noise of a logging truck. Another option is glasses with Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones. Thanks to them, you will not go blind from the scorching sun and the music will play without muffling the noise around.

In general, keep an eye on the road and choose the right cycling headphones. Sometimes buying a sports headset is several times cheaper than replacing or AirPods repair.

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