Why do Russians buy fake checks on iPhone and do you need it


Surely you have seen on Avito more than once ads for the sale of packages with the TSUM logo or iPhone boxes. It would seem, who can possibly need this garbage? In fact, the reasons why people buy it can be very different. Someone wants to show off by posting a photo with recognizable packaging on social networks. And someone in this way is trying to make their gift visually more expensive than it actually cost. So, in principle, it is quite possible to understand the essence of the sale of such rubbish. But who might need cash receipts on iPhone? Let’s figure it out.

Recently, more and more offers for sale began to appear on the ad sites. cash receipts for new iPhones, colleagues from Izvestia drew attention. The price for a product varies from several hundred to several thousand rubles, but almost always the buyer is offered the same product: a receipt printed on a cash register indicating the model, price and address of the store where the device was allegedly purchased.

Check for iPhone – why you need it

An important aspect of a fake check, for which they are valued, is the indication of the store of sale. As a rule, it indicates the pavilion of a large retail chain or retail operator. Popular are Re:Store, M.Video, Eldorado, MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2 and other electronics stores that are white or official retailers, Where do they sell iPhones?.

This is the point of buying such checks. Their sellers assure that with such a check you can get the right to free iphone service at authorized service centers. After all, everyone knows that if buy iPhone 14 on Gorbushka or other sero-carriers, then you can not count on official service. Another thing is that even large retail chains are unable to influence Apple and oblige it repair iPhonesimported into the country through parallel imports.

Few people are aware that all the iPhones that are available in Russia today – even on Gorbushka, even in M.Video – were imported here without Apple’s permission. In fact, all this is banal seryakbought abroad. It’s just that the government legalized gray imports, and in order to make the whole procedure more harmonious, they called this case parallel import. Moreover, it is this term that is used in international practice.

Dealers who trade counterfeit checks usually have the following arguments (but this is not true):

  • Large retail chains still have agreements with Apple Authorized Service Centers throughout Russia, which means that no matter what happens to the iPhone, it will be accepted for repair – even under a guarantee, even without a guarantee. The main thing is to confirm the purchase with a check.
  • The check that you bring as proof of purchase will not be checked by anyone even through the website of the Federal Tax Service, not to mention the store in which it was sold. This is both long and difficult, because there is simply no such service on the hotlines of retail chains.
  • iPhone with receipt more willing to buy in the secondary market. After all, it’s one thing when you bought, say, a smartphone from Japan, don’t understand where, and it’s completely different when the same device is offered with a receipt confirming the purchase in a large retail chain.

iPhone warranty – by check

However, except for attracting a buyer on the secondary market, such a check is not suitable for several reasons:

  • All checks are stored in a single database. As explained in Megafon, they have a special identifier that cannot be faked. After all, this would have to hack the entire system. So it will not be possible to hand over a smartphone for repair using a fake check.
  • Authorized service centers in Russia in principle do not repair iPhone 14. They have neither spare parts for this, nor special equipment used for calibration and verification of components, nor qualifications.
  • As such, the check does not actually solve anything. Retailers fix IMEI numbers of all iPhones sold in Russia. They are stored in the database, according to which service centers – if they come to them for iPhone 13 repair and earlier models, check the region where the device is sold.

With regard to the use of false checks for iPhone salesthe practice is generally not illegal. Let’s say you lost the original receipt or just want the buyer to think that you bought your iPhone not at Gorbushka, but at a large retail chain. Then you buy a fake check and put it with your smartphone. There is no penalty for this.

But for the forgery of the check itself, as a document, it is provided. Therefore, you can be pulled up as an accomplice, and this does not smell good anymore. I’m not talking about the fact that you can simply be deceived by taking money and not providing the desired product in return. After all, usually dealers offering checks work anonymously, using social networks, ad platforms where sellers are not identified, and telegram chats as a platform for distributing “goods”.

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