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In recent weeks, in our Telegram chat, readers have been actively discussing various ways to distinguish fake AirPods from the original ones: in recent months, there have been about a dozen cases among our subscribers who have purchased AirPods and could not determine whether they are real or fake. An interesting fact is that fake airpods it is very difficult to distinguish from the original, and they are also perfect in execution, perhaps even better than real AirPods in some ways. Once in our editorial office, the thought was even discussed: maybe it’s worth buying fake AirPods at all, if there is no difference? Of course, this question is rhetorical. Decided to remind you How to check AirPods for originality.

Checking AirPods by Serial Number

Despite the fact that copies of AirPods are practically no different from the original, it’s worth starting the check with the serial number. You can check it on Apple’s official website. The problem is that the scammers have learned to transfer the serial from the box under the cover of the case.

And even on the Apple website copies of AirPods break through. But you can still stumble upon not the most “high-quality” fake. Please note that the name will be written with a capital letter, and all other letters will be lowercase. For example, AirPods Pro, not “AIRPODS PRO”.

What do original AirPods look like?

Copies of AirPods have become unrealistically accurate. If you are buying headphones for the first time, then, of course, it will be difficult to find the differences. If this is not the first time you are dealing with Apple headphones, then you know what they look like original AirPods. The problem is that the headphones do not have many elements and details, but they are the key to how to distinguish fake AirPods. This is true for all models. Let’s show you the example of my AirPods 2.

  • The speaker grille should be neat, should not stand out, it is slightly larger in size than the iPhone speaker grille. Please note that this is a mesh, not a lattice.
  • At the bottom of the AirPods (the so-called diffuser) should be exactly the same lattice as on the speaker. In addition, the shape of the diffuser is always oval, and the stripes along the edges are arranged symmetrically.
  • Please note that in all AirPods elements, the mesh must be the same.
  • Charging AirPods. The Lightning port in the original headphones has a slightly angular outline, on a fake it is thicker. In the original, it is neatly recessed into the case and has no indentation along the edges. In addition, the connector is neatly integrated into the case and has no gaps.
  • Charging case for AirPods. The main difference between the original case and the copy is the lid hinge. It protrudes slightly above the body – it seems that it is installed crookedly. In fact, this is necessary in order for the case lid to open more than 90 degrees.
  • By the way, it is in the original AirPods that the case cover can stagger – this is a design feature of the headphones. So to say, not a bug, but a feature.
  • The case itself may vary in size. If you have on hand original AirPods, compare them. You can also try inserting one AirPods into another case and vice versa. Headphones won’t fit? So you have a fake.
  • One of the easiest ways to check AirPods for originality is to shine a flashlight on the case cover. In original AirPods, all the “insides” will be visible, in fake AirPods there may be an empty cover.
  • Case and headphones must be the same color.

Should I Buy Used AirPods?

One of the main mistakes is hand buying AirPods. Many people want to buy headphones cheaper and save a lot. Of course, you should not do this: we have already analyzed the situation when one of our readers bought AirPods Pro from a stranger for a ridiculous amount, with which there were problems. The first thing that should alert you is that the price is too low. AirPods can only be sold cheap if they have been used for a long time.

If you are offered brand new packaged AirPods for next to nothing, do not agree. If the AirPods are unpacked, then be sure to compare them by their external features. Do not trust the window that appears in the iPhone when connecting – fakes have long been able to do the same. In addition, our readers have noticed that not all AirPods receive firmware updates – this is another reason to think about what is in front of you. non-original AirPods. To update you need:

  • Connect AirPods to iPhone or iPad.
  • Both earbuds must be in the charging case.
  • Put the case on charge.
  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to Wi-Fi.

Is it worth buying a copy of AirPods

You know, I’m tired of AirPods failing sooner or later. As a rule, headphones last for two years on average. I just got tired of changing them one after another. I already had AirPods 1st generation, then 2nd. The battery of the first began to die, I think the second is also waiting for this, and they also began to disconnect from the iPhone over time. Agree, this is not the case when such an expensive accessory behaves this way? That’s why I decided out of curiosity buy a copy of AirPods 3.

I thoroughly examined the fake: to be honest, it looks even prettier than the original, sounds good and sits in the ears. In my opinion, this is an adequate investment of three thousand rubles, much better than paying five times more for the same accessory that one day will fail. Of course, I don’t recommend buying fakes – it’s better to look at analogues from other manufacturers. But such a case definitely makes you think about what is happening.

It is worth noting that a copy of AirPods works fine even with a PC: it easily connects to a Windows laptop and does not turn off. Most of all, I’m interested in how long the fake will live: the battery holds without any problems, no lags have been noticed for a couple of months. The charge lasts at least four hours. I’ll keep watching and tell you about it later.

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