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Eleven years ago, I was struck by a disease called Apple technology. I wanted to buy absolutely everything that was on sale. The combination of design, functionality and the name of the manufacturer did the trick. So I got iPad, iPhone, iPod, AirPort Extreme and iMac 21.5. Many years have passed since then, the iPod has sunk into the bowels of the closet, the iPhone and iPad have been replaced with new models more than once. AirPort Extreme became not the main router, but an auxiliary one. And only iMac works as well as on the first day.

Together with him, I changed my place of residence, rearranged him in different places of the apartment, for six months I didn’t even turn it on as unnecessary. But after all this, he continues to work almost the same as on the first day. And now, ten years later, I can say for sure: iMac is the best computer for home use. Let’s see why this is so.

iMak for home

In recent years, there has been a very big fashion for laptops. I once had Acer laptop, but somehow it didn’t work. Poor battery life coupled with very dubious performance did the trick. Since then, there has been no desire to use laptops. And so the decision came to purchase in 2012 iMac 21.5. Since it was the middle of summer, the model with a disk drive was still relevant. Yes, I can still insert a CD/DVD into my computer.

Since I don’t perform any specialized tasks on the computer, but I only need it to work with text documents, spreadsheets in Excel, watch movies and store photo archives, stunning performance was never needed. True, tables in Excel sometimes have to be twisted for several hundred thousand lines, but even with such a task, any computer can handle it in our time. And for games I use Playstation. My iMac has inside Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM and a regular 500 GB hard drive. It is the hard drive that is its weak point. Because of it, the system boots up a little for a long time and at first thinks about it on a cold computer, but after a few minutes the friezes disappear, and there are no problems with performance.

Naturally, writing some files to Aimak takes a lot of time. But these are the costs of technologies of a decade ago. The monoblock is equipped with a good IPS screen with Full HD resolution. In 2022, such a screen will not surprise anyone. From a short distance it is quite grainy. Retina clarity he does not possess. Nevertheless, you will not work at close range behind such a diagonal. Therefore, not everyone will notice it.

All my main tasks are mine iMac performs. It has never let me down in ten years of use. The most interesting thing is that a very large number of buyers use their home computer in the same way as I do. But I don’t know any Windows computerthat would please the owner ten years later without a major upgrade. In the situation with the Aimak, the operating system plus the available hardware makes for a great user experience.

Unfortunately, circumstances have now developed in such a way that, having acquired a family, there is a need for mobility. Sometimes it is necessary to work from the dacha or just on the road. The bowl of choice leaned towards the laptop. In a separate article, I raised the question of what is better to purchase for my work, and settled on Macbook Air. But if they ask me right now what kind of computer to buy, for use at home for several years, the answer will be unequivocal – iMac. Especially in the new generation, the screen has become larger, the processor is much more powerful, and the appearance is more interesting.

iMac 24 all-in-one

One of the main advantages iMac I believe that it is a stationary computer. It will not work with him to lie down on the sofa in an incomprehensible position. It will have to be placed on the table and sit on a chair, which in itself is much more beneficial for the health of the back.

If, after reading this material, you decide to buy an iMac, then there is nothing special to choose from today. The only current model is iMac 24 on M1 processor. You can buy it from 145 thousand rubles for the version with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. For most household tasks, this version is enough for the eyes. You will get a great assistant for years to come. I doubt that a similar user experience can be achieved with a monoblock on Windows. Therefore, I advise you to pay this rather big amount and enjoy a good device.

So that the cost of a computer does not seem too huge to you, try to decompose it by the period of use. My iMac has been in operation for ten years. It was purchased for 46 thousand rubles. If you divide by each year of use, you get 4.6 thousand rubles. With the dollar having doubled since then and general inflation, the cost of a new iMac quite adequate. In general, if you are thinking about which computer to choose for your home, and there is a desire to buy a monoblock, then I sincerely advise you to look at the iMac. You definitely won’t regret it.

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