Which iPhone to choose after Android in the summer of 2022

iPhone 12

You may not know, but hundreds of thousands of people change smartphones every day in the world. Someone is switching from Android to iOS, someone prefers to upgrade without going beyond one operating system. But, of course, we are interested in those cases when the transition is made to iOS: at the same time, each new user has a question – and which iPhone to buy first? There are a lot of options: there are more expensive, cheaper, larger or more compact. The same question was asked by one of the readers of our Telegram chat, so we will try to suggest which iPhone to buy after Android.

Which inexpensive iPhone to buy in 2022

Our reader has already chosen the iPad 2021, so most likely he will use both devices in conjunction more often. I can say from my own experience: if you have a tablet, then it is best suited to it inexpensive iPhone, because it makes no sense to overpay and duplicate the same functions. In this case, take a closer look at the iPhone SE 2022 – it’s cheapest iPhone today with the current processor (A15 Bionic), but not the most powerful battery, which will receive updates for more than one year.

Main advantage of the iPhone SE in addition to the filling – the price: a smartphone costs about 32 thousand rubles at the time of writing, but if you try, you can find it even cheaper. But in no case do not buy the iPhone SE 2020 – the smartphone is far from ideal (very weak battery), but it costs about the same and is noticeably inferior in performance. Better take a look at other options from our article.

The most profitable iPhone in 2022

If you want to hit the mark and not regret the money spent by getting the most successful smartphone in your hands, buy the iPhone 12. Last year, the iPhone 11 was the most profitable option, but now it is iPhone two years ago. It has a hitherto fresh A14 Bionic processor, excellent cameras, and it also has the form factor of recent models and, of course, Face ID.

By the way, the iPhone 12 has 64 GB in the database – ideal for those who do not plan to fill the memory with music or photos using only applications. And the battery can easily last a day without recharging. But the price of a smartphone looks the most appetizing – from 45-47 thousand rubles. For the same money, you can (but better not) look at the smaller iPhone 12 mini with similar characteristics, but it’s up to you.

Best iPhone 2022

However, if you are ready to splurge heavily on an iPhone, then you definitely need to buy the iPhone 13 Pro: you need to take it by all means right now. The fact is that the flagship has fallen in price very much since the release, and no one knows how much longer this will continue. In official retail, the price of the iPhone 13 Pro fluctuates around 100,000 rubles and even exceeds it, but a smartphone costs about 74,000 rubles for a 128 GB version for serovars. Due to currency fluctuations, a month ago it cost about 69,000 rubles – I don’t remember that at least one iPhone fell in price so quickly in less than a year.

Here you have an excellent camera, and a large 6.1-inch OLED display, and a powerful battery. In the end, this is a flagship that will be relevant for a very long time (and, by the way, will be almost no different from the iPhone 14), and some people bought it much more expensive. All in all, a real gift. I doubt that iPhone 13 Pro could get cheaper even stronger soon even despite the imminent new iPhone release. So, if you have money, be sure to buy this model. And be sure to check out our article on is it worth buying a gray smartphone.

A regular iPhone 13 will cost a little less – a cool model that is not much different from a firmware, but it will cost less. I am sure that you will get untold pleasure from using your smartphone – the readers of our Telegram chat will not let you lie. It will cost 14 thousand cheaper – about 60 thousand rubles for the version with 128 GB. And with the saved 14 thousand, you can buy an Apple Pencil for iPad or AirPods Pro before it’s too late.

Friends, the choice of smartphones is quite subjective, so you can suggest, which iPhone to buy to our reader. Write your options in the comments below – it will be interesting to read!

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