Which iPhone to buy in the summer of 2022 and not regret


Almost every summer, there is a golden time for Apple fans who decide to buy a new iPhone and look at different models, choosing the most successful option. Judge for yourself: approximately in July, there are about two months left before the presentation of the new iPhone, the demand for equipment traditionally falls slightly, and all models, without exception, are discounted in price. Certainly you can buy top iPhone, presented last year, but what if the budget is limited or you just don’t want to overpay, but get a normal phone for use? Today in the section “Answers to questions” we will discuss, which iPhone to buy in the summer of 2022 and how good he is.

Inexpensive iPhone with a good camera

One of our readers of our Telegram chat noted that the iPhone XS is a great smartphone, and I cannot but agree with him. In addition, a smartphone can be found new or used. However, when you find it in stock, you will be delighted with the price: for a smartphone that once cost almost 90 thousand rubles, it is now sold for an average of 30 thousand rubles.

But it’s a fair amount cheap iphone with good camera: a telephoto lens and a 12 megapixel wide-angle module were installed in it. There is Smart HDR, portrait mode and other nice little things. Compared to the iPhone 11, it lacks Deep Fusion (the A12 chip does not support it), night mode, and 4K video shooting. However, the loss is not great – just remember that you will save 10-12 thousand on functions that you do not often use. But there is something that the iPhone XS is definitely good at.

The most convenient iPhone

The main advantage of the iPhone XS compared to the XR or iPhone 11 is the presence of a Super Retina HD OLED display instead of IPS. The diagonal, however, is inferior to the above models, but this does not seem to be a problem – only 0.3 inches difference (5.8 vs. 6.1). But what’s worth noting is the presence of thin bezels that other models don’t have and the high resolution that makes a huge difference and the pixel density (458 ppi versus 326).

Many say that the iPhone 11 is not easy to carry in pockets due to the large screen, so the iPhone XS is the perfect choice. Something between the too small iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 11. It is smaller in all respects, lighter than other models and even weighs less (177 g versus 194 g).

iPhone with good specs

Many potential buyers are confused by the fact that the A12 Bionic chip is installed in the iPhone XS, but you should not worry: the processor has not yet become obsolete and will cope with running applications for several more years without any problems, and 4 GB of RAM is enough to run a lot of applications – normal in 2022. The iPhone XS came out in 2018, which means you’ll get at least 2 more iOS updates.

Considering that, according to statistics, on average, one smartphone is used for about 2-3 years, this is a great opportunity to buy a good iPhone cheaply. If there is a question about performance, then take a look at the test results in benchmarks: the difference is negligible, so it will not affect everyday use in any way.

Even some users are confused by the battery capacity of 2659 mAh in the iPhone XS, but the experience of my friends shows that in fact the smartphone survives until the evening without any problems thanks to good energy efficiency indicators. In any case, when comparing on the Apple website, there is information about 15 hours of video playback versus 13 hours for the iPhone 11.

What to buy instead of iPhone 11

If the budget is limited and neither the iPhone 11 nor the iPhone XS suits you, take a closer look at the iPhone XS Max: it is also the top smartphone today with a large 6.5-inch screen, as well as an increased battery (3179 mAh). The difference in price is insignificant – for the iPhone XS they want an average of 35-40 thousand rubles. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are no longer produced, but there are still new models on sale (and even with the old kit, where there is an adapter and headphones), as well as officially restored and exchange ones, which will cost even less.

You can also look at the used smartphone market: there the price of the iPhone XS fluctuates around 17-21 thousand rubles, which is quite democratic, and there are also models in perfect condition, but a little more expensive. You can easily find an iPhone XS Max up to 30 thousand rubles and even 512 GB of memory and a complete set, and if you want a well-preserved battery (and a pre-installed Sberbank Online), you will have to pay about 32 thousand rubles.

In any case, both smartphones in all respects are the best to buy today. Not to mention the fact that for this money you can’t even buy a more or less normal smartphone on Android. Tell us in our Telegram chat if you use iPhone XS in 2022Are everyone happy?

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