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For the last month iPhone prices skyrocketed, and Apple itself temporarily suspended deliveries to Russia. In this regard, the apple smartphone has become a real luxury for most of us. If you wanted to upgrade your iPhone, then probably now is not the best time. But it’s still possible to buy an iPhone, even if you don’t have the highest income. You can try to consider alternative options: for example, an exchange iPhone, used, as well as earlier models. Today we will figure out how much new iPhones cost now, How much can you buy a used iPhone and which models to choose if the budget is limited and there is no way to exceed it.

How much is a new iPhone

In light of recent events, even the most inexpensive iPhone models have skyrocketed in price. The prices have been changing daily for the last month, but already now we can say that they have settled down plus or minus. It is unlikely that in the future the iPhone will continue to rise in price, most likely, the price will drop a little more.

Right now, you can find that the two-year-old iPhone SE 2020 64 GB costs 48 thousand rubles – 10 thousand more than exactly a year ago. Price spikes stopped for several reasons: firstly, a two-year-old budget iPhone in the minimum configuration can’t be too expensivebecause no one will buy it. Secondly, the iPhone SE 2022 has already been released, which, despite the lack of supplies, will sooner or later end up in Russia.

Most likely, the new iPhone SE at the start will cost about 70 thousand, perhaps even a little less. Therefore, the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 11 should start to lose value after some time. It’s probably not worth talking about other models, because By the way, that’s how much the iPhone 11 costs now.

Last fall, the iPhone 11 slowly began to lose value and cost less than 50 thousand, and now it can be found from 60 thousand rubles. A more affordable option is the iPhone XR. It can be found on sale even now, and it will cost an average of 5 thousand cheaper in the region of 55 thousand rubles. Of course, there are even cheaper options. The iPhone XR and iPhone SE 2020 are the best in my opinion iPhones worth buyingif the budget is very limited.

At the moment, I can say with confidence that there is no big difference when buying from “gray” sellers and on Yandex.Market. You will save 1-2 thousand maximum. I have never seen such a minimal price gap.

Is it worth buying a used iPhone?

Used iPhone This is an all-time good buy. Not everyone knows, but such an iPhone can be bought not only on Avito. Many resellers sell smartphones that they have received through the trade-in program. They are distinguished by good quality, lack of accessories, as well as an extended warranty. In addition, the smartphone has been checked, and in case of a malfunction, you can always contact the seller for advice. I found where you can buy used iPhones – right on the website of the Svyaznoy store. There are current models (iPhone 13), and proven ones (iPhone 11), and even older ones (iPhone 6S, 7 or 8).

Prices start at 15,390 rubles for the 1st generation iPhone SE, but you can buy such a smartphone as a second one. But the 128 GB iPhone 7 is a good buy, especially with a guarantee. Where else can you find this? The same – iPhone X for 31 thousand rubles or iPhone XR for 33 with a little. Ideal options if the budget is limited, but you want buy iPhone in good condition.

Which iPhone to buy cheap

Readers of our Telegram chat are constantly interested not only in what model of iPhone you can buy, but also in what to choose based on the price of the device. Maybe, buy a new iPhone right now is a bad idea. We chose several inexpensive anti-crisis options from the secondary market, which are worth paying attention to.

Which iPhone to buy before 20000

Inexpensive iPhone up to 20,000 rubles — in my opinion, quite a risky purchase. Especially when it comes to Avito. It is better to purchase such a smartphone from a reseller so as not to waste money. The best option that I found on the Svyaznoy website is iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB. The advantage of this iPhone is a powerful battery and a large screen. 18,690 rubles is quite a fair price.

Buy iPhone up to 30000

If you have 10 thousand rubles more, then you can look at the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. On the Svyaznoy website, these options clearly fall under the right price. For this money you can also find iPhone X on Avito: on average, the price of a smartphone with 64 GB of memory varies between 23-25 ​​thousand rubles and even the iPhone XS, and for the same money. And the iPhone XR is also in the region of 23-26 thousand rubles.

best iphone under 40000

On Avito for this money, you can already shove a good deal: here is the iPhone XS Max (33-35,000 rubles for a decent option), and the iPhone XR, and the iPhone 11 (within 38 thousand rubles). I wouldn’t risk it and treated the iPhone 11 with extreme caution in this price category – as a rule, there are many among them with “small scratches”, which may hide more serious defects, as well as a non-original display, a recessed iPhone or non-working face ID. By the way, iPhones with non-working Face ID are not so bad. They are noticeably cheaper, and it is best to buy them here.

Which iPhone to buy before 50,000

The bulk of the basic iPhone 11, according to my observations, is located in the category “Under 50,000 rubles”. In this category, and iPhone 11 at 128 or 256 GB, and even the iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max. With the second one, I would be more careful: I found many smartphones without a box, with a replaced battery or display. However, in this price range, you can easily find both 64 and 256 GB of memory. If possible, choose an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max with a memory of 128 GB or more – you definitely can’t go wrong.

Of course, the current situation iPhone prices – very complex, but the market for secondary smartphones gives room for maneuver. It is especially pleasant that some “age” models did not react strongly to price changes and are more expensive than before by 1-2 thousand rubles, which is quite fair for a current smartphone for the next 1-2 years.

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