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From time to time users change iOS to Android and vice versa. In particular, in the process of switching from one OS to another, it is interesting that which iPhone to choose as the very first. 5 years ago I chose the iPhone 6 Plus and was satisfied with the purchase. Fortunately, times have changed, and the iPhone lineup has become even wider, ranging from the inexpensive iPhone SE 2020 to the powerful iPhone 13 Pro Max. Prices for different models are very different – it’s a shame to pay a large amount and suddenly be disappointed. Let’s take a few of the most popular models and weigh all the pros and cons to understand which iPhone is better and where to start getting acquainted with iOS.

The cheapest iPhone

Our website seems to have all the information about iPhone SE 2020: it is compact inexpensive iPhone with Touch ID and a good processor A13 Bionic, which is still very good. We will not recommend this iPhone for purchase: it has a too weak battery by the standards of 2022. Otherwise, this is a good iPhone for not the most demanding people and, perhaps, the most practical purchase today – the price for the starting version with 128 GB of memory has already dropped to 32 thousand rubles.

By the way, if you are in no hurry to buy, being only at the stage of reason, there is probably a reasonable reason to wait: in the spring, Apple will introduce the iPhone SE 3 with a powerful processor, an improved camera and a 5G module. By the way, with a budget of 60-70 thousand rubles, you can purchase both iPhone SE 2020 and iPad 9.

The most compact iPhone

Many readers of our Telegram chat see the iPhone 13 mini as too small and toy: the previous version, represented by the iPhone 12 mini, turned out to be not entirely successful due to not the most powerful battery, but the annoying error was already fixed in the iPhone 13 mini. “Baby” didn’t become a bestseller even in its second year, but is still considered very cool. It’s a pity, but Apple will discontinue the model this year.

If you want a compact iPhone, but with a powerful processor, great camera and Face ID, then take a look at iPhone 13 mini. It’s also the most stylish iPhone ever: last year, Apple released the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in purple. Something suggests that the company will repeat this trick in 2022 – it remains only to wait a bit.

Should You Buy an iPhone XR in 2022?

iPhone XRprobably not worth buying in 2022, but with one caveat: if you’re looking for affordable iPhone with all the modern features, then you can start your acquaintance with iOS with it. Our readers still use it and do not know grief. Now inexpensive iPhone can be found at a price of 30 thousand rubles and even lower despite the fact that Apple has discontinued it. And if your budget allows, then feel free to buy the successor to the iPhone XR – the iPhone 11. Absolutely everyone likes the smartphone: even those who have recently used the 1st generation iPhone SE.

The most expensive iPhone

If you are so fed up with Android that you are ready to run away from it at any cost, even more than 100 thousand rubles, then feel free to buy the flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max and do not be afraid to be disappointed: this is a smartphone with a very powerful battery, a huge display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and an amazing camera. The iPhone 13 Pro Max became a cult hit almost in the first month, outselling previous models.

Even Chinese manufacturers are equal to this iPhone: Honor and Xiaomi at their recent presentations compared their new products with Apple’s flagship smartphone. The Chinese turned out to be better on paper, but we are with you we all understand. This is not a smartphone for one year, not two, or even three – there is more than enough power in it, thanks to which the iPhone 13 Pro Max automatically becomes a good investment. And it is also very slowly rising in price: in which case you can bail out the lion’s share of the invested funds.

iPhone 12 in 2022

In the autumn, Apple traditionally closed the previous line of smartphones, sending everything under the knife. iPhone 12. This is a great annoyance for the current owners of this smartphone and a huge blessing for those who are moving from Android to iOS: the smartphone is still on sale and is slowly losing value. Already, the iPhone 12 with 128 GB of memory costs quite comfortable 64 thousand rubles, and the version with 64 GB of storage can be found for less than 60 thousand rubles. 3 thousand is a good savings, but be careful when choosing a volume memory in iPhone. It has an excellent 2815 mAh battery, a fast A14 Bionic processor and a large 6.1-inch screen. Feel free to buy this iPhone while it is on sale – you will have enough of it for a long time.

Spring is coming Apple presentation: told everything we know about future updates in our material.

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