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Apple has a peculiar relationship with device repair: it is worth remembering that over the years the company has in most cases issued a completely new iPhone to replace a broken iPhone. Now is the time to reduce the so-called carbon footprint and, perhaps, start saving: Apple says that now it will not only repair more smartphones so that they continue to work, but also launch a self-repair device program. Let me remind you that it was announced at the end of last year, and three modern smartphones were included in the list at once. Moreover, the company will also sell you the parts. We tell how to fix iphone yourself under the new Apple program.

What’s new at Apple

If you lack adventure in life and, say, you carry an iPhone without a case, then they will always appear. And at the most inopportune moment: no one is insured against a smartphone breakdown, and repairing it is not the cheapest pleasure. Don’t want to pay for repairs? Do it yourself – this is the main message of the new Apple iPhone repair program: for the first time, users from the United States will be able to repair iPhone by yourself.

Apple is reportedly planning to launch a similar program in Europe towards the end of this year. To do this, the company launched its own self-service store, which offers users parts, tools and repair manuals. More than 200 spare parts and tools are already available. And there are only 6 repair modules:

  • Battery.
  • Speaker.
  • Camera.
  • Display.
  • SIM card slot.
  • taptic engine.

All this assumes the availability of spare parts for these modules. Prices, of course, bite: for screwdrivers they ask from $ 12, and for a special tool for removing the display – as much as $ 160. With them, you can repair iPhone 12 by yourselfiPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3rd generation, and in the future the company will add the necessary parts and Mac repair accessories This should also be expected towards the end of the year. Whether such a service from Apple will appear in Russia is a big question.

How to repair iPhone at home

Of course, the iPhone is not a push-button dialer: here the matter is not limited to one screwdriver. To do everything right, you will first need to view iPhone repair guide and contact Apple support. Then you will need to order the necessary parts in the self-service store, and only then proceed with the repair. Apple notes that all the tools and parts that are in the store are tested and of high quality.

There will also be a repair kit for $49, which will include all the necessary tools. True, you won’t be able to keep it for yourself: in fact, Apple will rent it out for a week, after which it will need to be transferred back to the company. Cupertino believe that this method will be the most flexible for the client: apparently, by analogy with renting an iPhone, which can be borrowed.

If you think about it, it’s actually a very good deal. Let’s start with the fact that the iPhone itself is reliable and it is quite difficult to break it. Yes, and you won’t have to repair it quite often either, so the option of renting tools looks preferable – better than buying it once, and then it will gather dust on the shelf.

Truth, self repair is not a panacea for all diseases. Thus, the company only expands access to repairs, but does not cancel visits to the service center in the event of a breakdown. Especially when it comes to repairing important modules in an expensive iPhone 13: whatever one may say, experience and direct hands are important for self-repair so as not to spoil anything. Otherwise, self-repair (and even without instructions) will result in additional costs. Even original parts, repair manuals cannot replace the services of a specialist. By the way, over the past three years, Apple has significantly expanded its repair network, including more than 3,000 thousand new suppliers.

True, this way Apple contradicts its own repair policy: not so long ago, the company announced that blocked or Stolen iPhones will not be repaired.. Well, it turns out that the company will not allow the device to be repaired in a service center, but for a moderate fee it will provide tools and parts to a crook who stole someone’s iPhone in a bar. It just doesn’t seem like Apple knows about it.

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