Where to buy iPhones imported by parallel imports is the cheapest

This spring, tens and hundreds of thousands of Russians learned a new term for themselves – parallel import. Due to the departure of major foreign brands from Russia, the government was forced to allow the import of their products without their consent. In principle, this practice is quite common, but for some reason the prices for iPhones imported in parallel turned out to be too high. Retailers explained this by the difficulties of logistics and the additional costs that they had to bear due to the stoppage of official deliveries. However, there are other places where can i buy an iphone for reasonable money.

Parallel iPhone Import

Let’s first try to figure out what exactly affects iPhone priceimported to Russia by parallel import:

  • First, the retail chain needs to register its own legal entity in the country where the purchases are made, or pay a company that already has one for intermediary services and risk.
  • Secondly, since the volumes of purchases from retail chains are quite large, they have to establish complex logistics schemes, because it will definitely not be possible to transport, say, 100,000 iPhones by one shuttle.
  • Thirdly, such transportation is complicated by the fact that it must go “unnoticed” so that the purchasing company is not covered up for violating laws. This means that you need to carry equipment with extreme caution, which, as a rule, is more expensive.

New iPhone prices in Russia

Add to this the additional costs of certification, currency exchange and warranty service, which now falls on the retailers themselves, and the result will be quite impressive amounts. look, how much do iphones cost in one popular retail chain:

  • iPhone 12 128 GB – 68,990 rubles
  • iPhone 12 Pro 256 GB – 109,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 128 GB – 83,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 mini 128 GB – 69,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 512 GB – 104,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB – 114,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB – 120,990 rubles
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 512 GB – 199,990 rubles

Not bad, right? iPhone prices, imported by parallel imports, today is even higher than they were officially established at one time. Meanwhile, the dollar has since seriously sank against the ruble. So, in order to buy smartphones for this money, you must either not count them at all, or be a very lazy person so as not to even try to find them cheaper. Moreover, there are ways to save money.

Where is the best place to buy an iPhone

For example, if you buy in Video-Shoper.ru. This is a store that has been operating on the market for more than 18 years and offers its customers, I’m not afraid of this word, only the best.

Just look at what prices the guys offer newest iPhones:

Buy iPhone profitably

The guys have a very wide selection of different iPhone models in different colors, configurations and kits. For example, there is an iPhone 13 in the new Alpine Green colorway. And they sell it no more than any other version. Yes, it’s that simple. If you want green – take it at the same price as white or black.

In Video-Shoper.ru you buy absolutely new iPhone in films that have never been opened before you. Making sure it’s new is as easy as shelling pears: unpack your smartphone, go to the Apple Check Coverage website and fill in the serial number of your device there. All relevant information about the device will be given there, including the date of activation and the expiration date of warranty service.

And since Apple has recently stopped putting in iPhone box anything but a charging cable, Video-Shoper.ru will offer you a good alternative. Each smartphone that the guys sell can be bought in one of four bundles:

  • simple kit (standard set + SIM-card as a gift, if necessary);
  • Super kit (simple kit + protective glass and 25 W power supply);
  • Mega kit (super kit + anti-nuclear patch and wireless charging);
  • Revolution (mega-kit + free shipping, cable, original Apple charger, power bank and wireless headphones).

The lowest prices for iPhone

Honestly, I don’t understand what the business is to sell smartphones that still need to be brought from abroad on their own at such low prices. Moreover, accessories from additional kits are given to you almost at cost. Hell even on Joom prices for iPhone above. But from there the device must be expected for at least 3-4 weeks.

In Video-Shoper.ru, you can order delivery and the goods will be delivered to you the next day, or come to the offline pavilion and pick up the new thing right away. It’s a pity that they deliver only in Moscow and the region, but this way it is possible to achieve a high quality of service without exchanging for a showdown with transport companies, which often behave as irresponsibly as possible.

Buy iPhone profitably

Unlike many servos, which have pick-up points in the basements, the guys have their own full-fledged store with showcases, consultants and branded packages.

iPhone warranty in Russia

Regardless of low prices for iPhone, the guys are responsible to the client to the fullest extent of the law. Warranty obligations, for which Apple cannot answer, the store takes over. Unlike serovars, which are chasing a one-time benefit, Video-Shoper.ru provides a 12-month warranty. If during this period there are problems with the purchased device, they will be fixed free of charge. And if you want, you can purchase an additional year of service.

Can an iPhone be cheap?

Profitable? Not that word. But where do these prices come from? After all, it can not be so easy and simple. It turns out it can. I have been following the market and its fluctuations for a long time, then at some point I began to realize that the size of large retailers played a cruel joke with them. Indeed, due to the volume iPhones that they bring from abroad, and their costs also multiply. Whether business small shops like Video-Shoper.ru. They have less turnover, and therefore they are purchased by fewer smartphones. This in turn provides the following benefits:

  • You do not need to buy many smartphones at once, which means changing a lot of currency, which is unstable. In this way they protect themselves from exchange rate fluctuations, and since the dollar is slowly but steadily getting cheaper, they are able to spend even less money with each new purchase. Big retailers can’t do that.
  • No need to build complex supply chains. After all, it is much easier to transfer, say, 100 smartphones than 1000 or more. In addition, there is no need to hide and be afraid of sanctions, because you can buy small volumes of iPhones with less legal delays and formal justifications for the transaction.

Buy iPhone profitably

You are describing the gray import model, you might say. In fact, yes, but what distinguishes a gallic seryak from parallel import? Guarantees. One-day stores, in principle, do not care about the consumer, and therefore cannot guarantee them not only after-sales service, but even the very fact that they will not close the next day. And Video-Shoper.ru, which is focused on long-term relationships with the client, can and has been proving this in practice for many years now.

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