Where to buy iPhone SE 2022 in Russia and how much it costs here


Despite the fact that Apple refused to officially carry new iPhone SE to Russia, it would be foolish to believe that he will not appear here. Almost immediately after the start of sales abroad, ads began to appear on Avito with a proposal to bring a new product to order at a price about twice the official one. So what? This is the law of demand, which is abundant, and supply, which is practically non-existent. Moreover, the dollar exchange rate then made serious adjustments to the capabilities of serovars. But now everything seems to be fine.

iPhone SE 2022 is already available in several Russian retail chains and stores. Moreover, a number of them have a fairly good reputation, so there is practically nothing to fear when buying a smartphone there. Yes, these will be exclusively gray devices imported into Russia, bypassing official deliveries. But what’s the difference now?

iPhone SE 2022 – price in Russia

Of the trusted sites, the iPhone SE 2022 is present on at least two:

  • Ozone
  • Yandex Market

Also, the novelty appeared on the website of the DNS trading network, but it cannot be ruled out that the position was simply added in advance in order to resume supplies, which did not happen. So buy iPhone SE 2022 can’t be there. It doesn’t even have a price. But you can subscribe, and then you will receive a notification if the product becomes available.

On Ozon price for iPhone SE 2022 above and amounts to 53 thousand rubles. However, for this money you will not receive the goods here and now. He will be taken from abroad, so you have to wait 2-3 weeks. And, if you don’t want to wait, you can pay 2 thousand extra and the smartphone will be sent in 2-3 days. In principle, it is convenient, but not very profitable, because on Yandex.Market iPhone SE 2022 costs significantly less.

Devices available on Ozon and Yandex.Market, were definitely imported into Russia from abroad. After all, there are no official deliveries. Most likely, these are devices designed for sale in the UAE. Why UAE? Yes, because the price of the iPhone there is the most profitable, if we take conditionally the near abroad, and the former restrictions on FaceTime in smartphones released for sale in Arab countries no longer.

However, since great deal on iPhone SE 2022, which I managed to find on Yandex.Market, starts from 47 thousand rubles. The gap is quite large, isn’t it, considering that the device costs only 30 thousand in the USA? However, you need to understand that for someone, buying on Ozon may still be more profitable due to installmentswhich is actually not on Yandex.Market.

New iPhone SE – installment plan

In fact, your only chance split payment on Yandex.Market is a loan from Tinkoff Bank, which involves a noticeable overpayment. As a result, if we take iPhone SE 2022 on credit, you will pay for it not 47 thousand, but all 55-60 and even more, depending on the term. After all, it depends on the overpayment of the loan.

Despite the fact that Yandex.Market offers the Split service, which allows you to split the payment for 1.5-2 months without overpaymentfirstly, this is not applicable to many goods, and, secondly, the installment period is too short to be interested in it. Ozon has its own installment plan is also not very profitable, since it provides for a commission. However, there is an opportunity to get out of the situation and not overpay.

Ozon is a partner of Sovcombank, which issues Halva installment card. Therefore, if you issue such a card for yourself and pay for the iPhone SE 2022 by activating the Halva.Ten service for 199 rubles, then the payment will be divided into 10 months, and you will not overpay a penny. The “Halva.Ten” service can be canceled immediately, and you can pay 5300-5500 rubles per month, depending on whether you choose the version with delivery from abroad or prefer to receive the device right away.

If you are ready pay for iPhone SE 2022 the entire amount at once, you can contact one of the serovars not represented on Yandex.Market. For example, to i-Ray.ru. These guys have a smartphone that costs less than anyone else – 43,990 rubles, that is, almost a tenth less than the best offer on Ozon. Of course, there is no extension here. But on the other hand, you can pay for the purchase with a Tinkoff Bank credit card (it is completely free) and split the payment into 3-6-10-12 months by paying a small commission. The result is a super-profitable loan with an overpayment of 10-12%.

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