Where to buy Apple equipment in Russia at normal prices


Late last night, Apple blocked the ability to buy anything on its website. All devices of the brand, including iPhone, iPad, Mac and everything else, fell under the restriction. The company announced that suspends sales in Russia. That is, it is not yet clear whether Cupertino is not going to trade with us anymore at all, or they are simply reviewing prices due to the growth of the dollar. Russian Apple Online Store closed and it cannot be verified. However, in some places Apple technology still remains.

Despite the price increase that has happened almost everywhere, in physical retail you can still buy Apple deviceswho sell at the old rate. But we cannot drive you from store to store. Therefore, we offer only the possibility of buying online. Especially as long as it persists.

Prices for Apple equipment in Russia

The widest range Apple devices on the Russian Tmall online platform:

As you can see, the range has significantly decreased. Many models simply did not remain in stock, and those that remained increased significantly in price. The increase was from 5 to 30 thousand rubles and more depending on the device. This is a natural course of things, because the dollar has jumped quite a lot, and distributors, as you know, buy electronics in dollars.

Is it worth buying Apple equipment in Russia

It is important to understand that the links you can buy Apple technology on Tmall, may stop working at any time, and the goods they lead to may run out. Therefore, if you were already going to buy something with the apple logo, it’s better not to delay it. And, if you don’t have time, don’t be too lazy to take a walk to the nearest M.Video store or Eldorado – there, as far as I know, prices are still at the same level. However, nothing can be guaranteed.

Should you buy Apple technology now? Personally, I think it’s worth it. I doubt very much that the company will start turning off its devices in Russia, which means that buying an iPhone or another gadget of the brand now is somehow to please yourself in this difficult time, and at the same time just save money that can depreciate. It is for these two reasons that I grabbed latest iPad Air 2020which was available for purchase. I paid 50 thousand rubles for it, but it’s better than nothing.

As for AirPods, Tmall still offers a better price on them than Apple before the dollar rose. If you remember, last week the official AirPods Pro price in the Apple Online Store was 24 thousand rubles, and on Tmall they are sold for 22. Yes, this is already more expensive than headphones you could buy from retailers, but still quite profitable. After all, it is to be expected that Apple will raise prices more higher.

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