Where in Russia is the most profitable to buy iPhone 14, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Even in installments


On Friday, September 16, sales of the iPhone 14, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max began worldwide. Russia, as expected, was not included in the list of countries of the first (and any other, too) wave due to Apple’s fundamental refusal to work with local retailers. Despite this, novelties still appeared in the country. And almost all at once and in any configurations. It remains only to figure out where they can be bought and, most importantly, under what conditions this can be done. Because at first prices for new Apple smartphones usually leave a lot to be desired.

All iPhone 14, which are sold in Russia today, were imported from non-CIS countries by parallel import. In principle, it would be more appropriate to call it gray, since large retail chains, for which they developed this import concept, decided not to rush, giving way to small retailers. However, to get a novelty, it is not at all necessary to go to Gorbushka.

iPhone 14 price in Russia

First about iPhone 14 sales in Russia announced Yandex Market. Marketplace has made every effort to make new Apple smartphones available in the country. He almost completely removed the commission for sellers who will trade in new products, and offered buyers a 1% cashback with Plus points. They can be spent on future purchases on the Market or other Yandex services, such as taxis.

Although not all are available on the Market iPhone 14 modifications, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, but the range of models is quite wide. Here are some running versions with prices:

As you can see, the basic iPhone 14 costs a lot of money – only 86 thousand rubles. MTS is going to sell the new product for only 1,000 rubles cheaper. But he will bring it no earlier than October, while on the Market smartphone can be bought right now. Moreover, with the ability to pay for the order with a card, and not in cash, as is often the case with devices that are traded in serovars.

Yandex allows buy iPhone 14 in installments for 2 months without overpayments or for 4 or 6 months with a commission of 10%. As for me, this is quite a lot for such a short period of time. However, the Market cooperates with banks that allow you to buy any product on credit for a period of up to 24 months. In this case, there will also be an overpayment, but broken down by a period, it will not be so big.

Buy iPhone 14 in installments

However, Yandex Market is not the only platform where new iPhones are sold. You can also buy them on Ozon. There, it seemed to me, the assortment is even a little wider, and the prices in some cases are even more favorable:

You probably noticed that next to the price of some positions, another amount is indicated in brackets. These are the lowest prices I’ve been able to find on Ozon for these iPhone models. True, they seemed too unrealistic to me, so I do not give references to these positions – you never know. However, if we simply translate iPhone 14 prices from dollars to rubles, then such prices look quite adequate, but certainly not for the first days of sales.

If you are not ready to pay the full amount at once, you can installment plan on Ozon for up to 6 months. The site itself provides a credit limit, but takes its own commission, so as a result the price will be slightly higher. However, you can use the Halva installment card. According to it, you can split the payment for 10 months, if you connect service Halva.Ten. It costs 199 rubles a month, but after making a purchase, it can be turned off so as not to overpay, while the installment plan will remain.

iPhone 14 in Russia – what you need to know

Serovoz from Gorbushka is also already trading new iPhones. True, their prices are traditionally higher than anywhere else. Their prices start at about 150 thousand rubles for the iPhone 14 and from 200 thousand for the iPhone 14 Pro. So I can’t recommend anything from these cunning guys. Moreover, in most cases they require you to pay for the goods in cash, which many are simply not able to do.

What do we have as a result? Abstract:

  • iPhone 14 in Russia are already freely available and even at reasonable prices – they are only slightly higher than on the iPhone 13 last year, and in some places even lower.
  • iPhone 14 is brought to Russia from abroad. Basically, these are four countries where prices for new items are the lowest: the USA, Canada, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. Smartphones are almost never brought from Europe today.
  • Buy new iPhones in Russia it’s better on reputable sites – Yandex Market or Ozon, and not at serovos, which break too high prices and do not allow you to pay by card.
  • Buy iPhone 14 in installments it is possible both on Yandex Market and on Ozon, however, in almost all cases you will have to pay a commission, except for paying with a Halva installment card.
  • The iPhone 14 in Russia has a one-year limited seller’s warranty. It is not yet known whether the new items will be serviced at authorized service centers, so for all problems you will have to contact the seller.
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