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Buy an iPhone lower than the official price today is almost impossible. The shortage of components and limited production volumes led to the fact that Apple smartphones began to appear on free sale much less frequently. Therefore, according to the law of supply and demand, prices for many models, if not increased, then at least stopped falling from the word at all. So often even serovos began to sell them at a price close to that recommended by Apple. However, this does not mean that the possibilities save on iPhone no at all. Rather, the opposite is true.

Right now on Tmall, the Russian segment of AliExpress, the latest two generations of iPhones are being sold at huge discounts. In principle, there are other models on sale. But they can already be purchased at not so favorable prices. So if you were just about to buy iPhone 12 or iPhone 13a better time and opportunity than now, well, you just can’t imagine.

Buy iPhone at a discount

Here are the rates offered by Tmall for new iPhone models right now (to purchase, follow the link attached to the price):

If you think that the prices of some models are not so low, you are mistaken. To understand this, just open Yandex.Market and evaluate the offer there. Thanks to him, you can easily understand that the standard prices for the same Apple smartphones other sellers have an average of 7-10 thousand rubles higher than on Tmall. Well, if you manage to apply any promotional code for a discount, then, I assure you, the price will be even more profitable.

Unfortunately, only junior and medium configurations are available with the Tmall discount. iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 with a memory capacity of 64/128 for 2020 devices and 128/256 for 2021 models. Older modifications of devices of both generations are not available for sale, as well as Pro-models. They don’t sell them for some reason. Perhaps the reason is the same deficit that we can observe in Russian retail.

Since the sale started last weekend, the most profitable promo code GIFT1300 the discount of 1300 rubles is no longer valid. For the same reason, some body colors are not available for sale. For example, the classic 64 GB iPhone 12 remained only in white, and even then in limited quantities – only about 70 pieces. So, if you were going to buy, it is better not to delay. Devices fly apart very quickly.

Should I buy an iPhone on Tmall?

As for me, the 64 GB iPhone 12 mini looks the most profitable of the entire collection. In the basic configuration, this smartphone costs only 45 thousand rubles, which is very, very good. And, if the minimum amount of memory seems a little to you, you can pay only 5k and get the 128 GB version already. This is an excellent offer. Moreover, no one – I repeat once again: no one – offers anything like this on the market.

I think this is understandable and so, but just in case, I will explain. Smartphones that are sold on Tmall, are not fakes, refs or used models. These are quite official devices certified by Rostest. So, having bought this for yourself, you will have a two-year warranty, as if you bought it in M.Video or Eldorado. It’s just that Tmall periodically puts on sales at extremely competitive prices that are very hard to ignore.

Do not be afraid buy iPhone on Tmall, if you see that it is sold by the “Official Tmall Store – Technics” (which means that the equipment is sold by the site itself) or one of the Russian retailers like Svyaznoy, Megafon or Beeline. This is really them, and no one can perform under their name. There is no risk here, and if any defects are found in the product, you can either return it or take advantage of the warranty.

At iPhone ordering on Tmall very favorable delivery terms apply. If you wish, you can order delivery by courier, or you can choose delivery to a post office near your home or by mail. In both cases, and in the third case, the service will be free for you, and delivery times will be minimal. In the European part of Russia, smartphones are promised to be delivered in just 2-3 days, which is often even faster than Apple delivers.

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