Where in Russia is it better to buy an iPhone in installments. Comparison of prices and conditions in 5 stores


Regardless of what salary you receive and whether you have enough money available to buy a new iPhone, laying out the entire amount for it at once is extremely irrational. Especially when stores offer the opportunity to purchase the coveted product. in installments without overpayment. Well, tell me, what is the point of giving 30-60-100 thousand rubles (underline as appropriate) if you are being loaned at zero interest? The question is rhetorical. But after Apple stopped officially supplying its equipment to Russia, retailers for some time revised the terms of installments, making them less profitable. Luckily, everything is back to normal now. But favorable conditions are still far from being offered by everyone.

iPhone in installments for 24 months

For today longest installment plan for iphone – it is an installment plan, not a loan – it is valid in the stores of the M.Video and Eldorado chains. There you can break the cost of the goods up to 24 monthly payments and pay for the purchase within two years without interest. This offer applies to different devices and iPhones as well. So they fall under the action completely cheap iPhones 11 and top iPhone 14, including the Pro line. There are some restrictions on models, so check the right smartphone for yourself.

In iPhone cards, which can be take in installments for the maximum period, there is a black and white nameplate with the inscription “Installments”. It means that the model is eligible for the promotion and you can pay for it within 24 months (provided that you get approval from the bank). But there is one caveat. To installment plan for two years, you will have to additionally purchase accessories for at least 10% of the cost of the goods. That is, if the iPhone costs 100 thousand rubles, special stages need to be collected by 10k or more.

However, M.Video and Eldorado also have installment for 12 months. Moreover, it is being promoted most actively, marking it with the “Mega-installment” label. This creates some confusion, because the prefix “mega” usually means something big, although in fact the period into which the cost of the purchase can be broken down is less. True, it does not provide for any reservations and additional requirements. All iPhones with this mark can be buy in installments as it is – without additional payments and interest to the bank, but only for one year.

Is there an installment plan for iPhone in DNS

Installment in DNS arranged somewhat differently. Here it is also interest-free, given for 12 months and does not even require the purchase of additional accessories in the load. But the buyer is faced with a choice: an installment plan or a discount that doesn’t really discount anything. Let’s take for example iPhone 12 128 GB. If in M.Video with mega installments for a year its price is 58,990 rubles, then in DNS the same model with installments will already cost 67,990 rubles. The difference is very noticeable, although we are talking about the same smartphone. For comparison: on the Yandex Market, an iPhone 12 with 128 GB costs less than 40 thousand rubles.

Buy iPhone 12

And in DNS in installments You can not buy all smartphones. To display all iPhone models that are eligible for a promotional offer, in the “Promotion” search filter, check the box next to “Installment or Profit”. Then the devices themselves will appear on the screen and the amount of the discount that you will receive if you pay for the purchase with cash or a non-leveraged card (all your credit cards will also work and allow you to get a discount).

Truth, buy iPhone in DNS I wouldn’t do it for two reasons, one of which I have outlined above. It consists in extremely inflated prices, which, in my opinion, have no justification. Almost all Apple smartphones available in the retail chain will be more expensive than any other retailer with a few exceptions. And the second reason is the likelihood of running into an activated iPhone. We talked about why this happens in more detail in a separate article.

Installment plan in Re:Store for iPhone

Re:Store is perhaps the most famous retail chain in Russia specializing in selling Apple technology. Even after the stoppage of official deliveries and the actual termination of the Apple Premium Reseller status, nothing much has changed. People went there for iPhones and other devices of the brand, and they still go there. Yes, prices there are higher than in M.Video and Eldorado, but lower than in CSN, and this pleases.

Re:Store has two programs installments: for 6 and 12 months. You can split the purchase price into six months without any restrictions, down payment and additional purchases. But the annual installment plan requires you to buy in the kit with iPhone additional warranty. Its price is approximately 12-15% of the cost of the model. For example, for iPhone 12 service program Re:Store Care costs 8k rubles, which may seem like a pretty serious amount to someone. But this network has its own service centers, which at one time were authorized by Apple itself.

By the way, if you want buy iPhone in installments in Re:Store, but do not want to overpay for extras you do not need, you can use the Halva card. It makes it possible to split the payment for 10 months and not buy anything extra. And from time to time, Sovcombank, which issues the card, offers an increase in installment terms with partners. For example, just before the New Year, Re:Store had installment for 18 months.

Interest-free installment plan for iPhone in Svyaznoy

The messenger, despite the fact that many did not even suspect it, also had the status Apple Premium Reseller, and there is also an installment plan for iPhone. True, the conditions there are far from being so favorable. Firstly, the installment plan itself is not available in all cities. I checked several regions, and there they offered me only a loan with an overpayment, or they didn’t even offer it. Secondly, there are only options for 6 and 10 months. Even Re:Store offered pay in installments for the whole year. But for some, even this will not be enough to comfortably pay off the debt, not to mention shorter terms.

In general, from the point of view of the benefits and convenience of buying, Svyaznoy is pretty bad. The same 128 GB iPhone 12, which we took as a standard in this article, was valued at this network at 67 thousand rubles, which is very, very expensive. Still, we are talking about a two-year-old smartphone. But do not think that this is the case only with him. All other models are also priced at an average of 10-15% (and sometimes even more) more in Svyaznoy. True, you can praise the network for supporting the program Sberbank “Buy”when an installment plan is issued in a matter of minutes through the Sberbank mobile application without interaction with a bank loan officer and without the need to buy extras.

iPhone in installments without overpayments in Megafon

In Megafon, by the way, there are some of the most favorable conditions for those who want not only buy iPhone in installments, but also pay for the smartphone itself at a minimum. Prices in operator retail are approximately the same level as in M.Video. For example, for an iPhone 12 with a storage capacity of 128 GB, they ask for the same 58,990 rubles: it’s profitable. And it’s also very cool that Megafon writes in the card of all iPhones, PCT is the version or “for other countries”. Of course, there are no official Russian deliveries anymore. But the fact itself seduces me personally.

Installment in Megafon two-format, as in Svyaznoy. You can choose a bank installment plan, which is issued in communication stores, or you can submit an application through Sberbank yourself. This is more convenient because you do not have to interact with a loan officer, who usually have a habit of imposing additional services in the form of insurance, paid SMS notifications, etc. Moreover, by making installment in Sberbank, you do not need to start a separate application of another bank – payments will be debited from your main card on the settlement date automatically. True, for some reason it is not always possible to use this service.

Installment period in Megafon may differ depending on the product and the bank that provides it (if it is not Sberbank). The minimum period can vary within 3-6 months, and the maximum can reach one and a half to two years. More specific conditions cannot be found on the site. You can only indicate your intention to use the installment plan when placing an online order, but the application will be sent by a loan officer in the communication salon. There you can also specify the desired installment period or, if you have a Halva card, pay for the purchase with it.

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