Where can I get the MKB Bank app for iPhone? There are two options


Since the mass removal of applications of Russian banks from the App Store, who fell under sanctions, almost a year has passed. During this time, their developers tried to re-infiltrate the directory under a different name, but this did not give much results. Apple moderators almost immediately identified clone applications and removed them. Therefore, the majority abandoned this idea and focused on the development of web versions. Many banks have adjusted their browser clients to the PWA standard, and some have even added support for quick authorization by biometrics. However, some decided that this was still a compromise, and therefore suggested installing apps bypassing the App Store.

Installing apps on an iPhone without the App Store

The first, if you remember, was Sberbank, which announced the launch of a new service at the end of last year. Anyone who needed Sberbank Online for iPhone, could apply to the nearest bank branch to install a mobile client. While it is difficult to say how popular this proposal will be. But now the MKB bank offered the same to its customers, allowing install the ICD Online application on iPhone without the App Store.

Service by installation of MCD Online will be introduced gradually. So far, there are only two bank branches that offer such a service: Neva Towers, which is located in Moscow City, and on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow. However, until the end of the current quarter – read until April – the application can be installed in all bank offices. To do this, you only need a passport and an iPhone with iOS version 11.0 or higher.

ICD Online for iPhone

Installing ICD Online on iPhone, as in the case of SBOL from Sberbank, is performed using special software developed for these purposes, but the service itself is absolutely free for the end user. All you need to get the application is to contact the office where they provide such an opportunity, and the bank specialist will do everything himself. At the same time, unlike Sberbank, MCB immediately calculated all possible claims of customers and immediately answered questions that they might have.

Applications from unknown sources

  • Firstly, the software that uses the MKB does not have access to the client’s personal data, passwords, photos, videos, and any other files associated with the client’s device.
  • Secondly, the application of the bank, which is installed in branches, excludes the possibility of installing third-party applications and services on the client’s device without his knowledge.
  • Thirdly, the installation is carried out in the presence of the client himself, who will be able to personally observe the process, and the bank employee can comment on each of his actions.

Unlike Sber, which installs non-original Sberbank Online, and SBOL, which can scare someone away, ICD offers to download the original mobile client that was in the App Store. While this doesn’t change anything in practical terms, technically they are different apps with different names and logos.

How to install the MCD Online application

If you need update ICD app for the iPhone, the bank does this too. This service is offered to users who have a banking client version lower than 3.56.1 installed on their device. At the same time, exactly the same conditions are observed that apply to installing an application from scratch: complete security, openness and free of charge. The only unpleasant moment is the small number of branches where such a service is offered in principle.

Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to visit the bank in person, you can use web version of the ICD applicationwhich works in Safari:

  • Follow this link to the MKB Bank website;
  • Click on the “Share” button at the bottom of the browser;
  • Select “Go to Home Screen” and confirm the addition;
  • Log in to your personal account and use.

MKB Online – login in the browser

Browser version personal account of MKB Bank supports almost all native app features. Through it, you can open a new account, issue or reissue a card, apply for a loan or credit card, make a deposit or withdraw it. Except that pay for purchases using a QR code it is forbidden. But this, as we remember, applies to all web applications in general. So this is not just an IBC problem.

Naturally, the very fact that the ICD began to offer the installation of the application to everyone deserves respect. However, you need to understand that most likely the majority of bank customers will not use this. After all, a modern person, although extremely mobile, is unlikely to want to run around the departments to have an application installed that has a working alternative in the form of a web version. It’s too uncomfortable – both physically and mentally.

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