When will the new iMac with the M1X processor be released?


Why? Big iMacs aren’t just about ultra-powerful models with 10-core Intel processors and fantastically powerful GPUs. There are also simpler models in it – budget ones – they were “torn to shreds” even by the M1. A beefed up variant of the M1, likely to be called the M1X, would be a great replacement for Intel’s 6-core processors. M1X is much more powerful than M1, the performance of budget iMacs will increase significantly. A screen with a resolution of 6016 x 3384 (6K) and a diagonal of 30 or 32 inches, with a maximum brightness of 1600 nits and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 would be another wow factor. New design with thin bezels around the screen. Such an iMac would be swept off the shelves, laudatory reviews would be written about it. The release of budget iMac would not put John Ternus in a foolish position.

He answered the question “whether Apple will have time to completely switch to chips of its own design in the two years promised to it.” “The most powerful iMacs and Mac Pros will be the last to switch to Apple chips, no later than November 2022. That is, yes, it will.” If budget iMacs with fantastic specs came out now, they would put Apple in a foolish position. A truly professional 27-inch iMac against the background of “state employees” with a bright appearance would look pale. They would not stop buying them – when a computer is bought not for oneself, but for business, like or dislike does not matter. But if Apple introduces mind-blowing budget iMacs on October 18, 27-inch iMacs will be bought much worse, and Apple will earn significantly less from them. She won’t go for it.

The fastest iMac

The M1X processor should be a pretty big performance boost for new Macs

A new generation of iMac with 30- or 32-inch screens, unless some other force majeure occurs, will be presented in October or November next year. The lineup will not only include the top-end iMac – computers of exceptional power are prohibitively expensive. An expensive super-powerful chip operating in extreme conditions requires a powerful and insanely expensive cooling system. The most powerful chip in the world and its cooling system are not the only requirements for such a computer – the peripherals in it will also be expensive. Even if the top iMac turns out to be the cheapest computer in its class, its price will shock the mass buyer. Therefore, in the iMac line, in addition to the top model, budget ones are also needed. Also an iMac, but in many ways it’s a different iMac. By analogy with the iPhone lineup, in which “just iPhone” and iPhone Pro, the names for budget and top-end iMacs suggest themselves.

iMac (Just iMac) and iMac Pro. I’ll call them “iMac” and “iMac Pro” for short. As they will be called in reality, I have no idea. iMac Pro and Mac Pro will have the same chip. in multiple configurations. With 20 or 40 core CPU and 64 or 128 core GPU. As with iPhone chips, there are two types of super-powerful CPU core chip. Productive and energy efficient. In a 20-core configuration, there will be four energy efficient ones, in a 40-core configuration, eight. According to Jean-Louis Gassé, who shined in 2020, at the invitation of Tim Cook, Apple’s processor division, he was shown a chip whose power “simply has no limit.” Most likely it was a prototype chip for iMac Pro and Mac Pro. The “non-Pro” iMac will have about the same chip as the MacBook Pro that will be unveiled on October 18, only the next generation. M2X?

iMac display

The new iMac 32″ display has every chance of being as cool as Apple’s Display XDR

A couple of years ago, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple would release 6 devices with mini-light-emitting diode (mini-LED) displays in the coming months. Three Mac models, including a large iMac, and three iPad models. But due to force majeure (COVID), these plans were cancelled. Apple mini LED displays are slowly but surely appearing on Apple devices. To date, there is only one such device – the 2021 iPad Pro. October 18, their number should increase to three. Under the current conditions, to organize the production of mini-LED displays with a diagonal of 30 or 32 inches is a hopeless and ruinous gamble. Meanwhile, Apple already has a 6016 x 3384 (6K) 32-inch screen with a maximum brightness of 1600 nits, a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and a nano texture option.

The production of this display is debugged, its volumes can be increased without any problems. This is the insanely expensive Apple Pro Display XDR. It is almost a mini LED. Those who use the iPad Pro with a mini LED screen and Apple Pro Display XDR (simultaneously connecting the display to the iPad Pro) did not notice much difference between them. They are equally good. The 2022 iMac and Apple’s upcoming affordable external display are based on the Pro Display XDR, according to recent reports. The screen diagonal is likely to be reduced to 30 inches. The display seen at Apple was 30-inch. What was simplified in it and how much it will cost is unknown.

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