When will the iPhone SE 3 come out and what will it be like. Everything you need to know is here


The iPhone SE 2020 is one of the most controversial smartphones Apple has ever released. After all, if the original device, released in 2016, fully met the requirements of its time, the current model turned out to be frankly a compromise. Despite the rather powerful hardware, a small screen, mediocre autonomy and outdated design did not allow him to even get close to the bestseller title. It would seem that Apple itself understands this, which means that it is in its interests to take a case from a newer smartphone and release next iPhone SE already at its base. But, apparently, this will not happen. At least until 2024.

New iPhone SE will be released this year, and, like both of its predecessors, in early spring. This was announced by Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman, known for the accuracy of his forecasts. According to him, the release of new items will take place either in March or April. Of course, if Apple does not interfere.

Unlike the iPhone SE 2, which was presented without an official Apple presentations in April 2020, it is planned to devote a full-fledged event to the upcoming device, which will launch a new cycle of the company’s online events. There are no plans to return to offline presentations in Cupertino yet.

Specifications of the iPhone SE 2022

Despite the fact that before iPhone SE 3 release there is very little time left for the generation, you won’t have to especially rejoice at the new product. As it turned out, Apple decided to equip the new product with the same body as the previous generation model. Thus, it will be a complete external copy of the iPhone 8, which was released already in 2017. A iPhone SE in iPhone 11 case put off for another couple of years.

However, this does not mean that from a technical point of view, the novelty will not change. This was already told by another insider hiding under the nickname DylanDKT. In the past, he has repeatedly made correct predictions, so his words can be trusted. Here are some examples specifications iPhone SE 2022to be expected:

  • Display – 4.7″ HD
  • Battery – 1821 mAh
  • Processor – A15 Bionic
  • Camera – 12 MP
  • Wireless networks – 5G
  • Memory – 3/128, 3/256 GB

Frankly speaking, hardware stuffing iPhone SE 3 does not strike. Yes, the new 5G-enabled processor and increased internal memory is good. But, firstly, it is not very clear why such power is needed for such a technically limited smartphone. And, secondly, the memory upgrade suggested itself. So there is nothing particularly surprising here.

The cheapest iPhone

The question of price remains open. So far, we cannot say with certainty how much will the iPhone SE 2022 cost. However, it is highly likely that Apple will not go for an increase and either keep it at the same level in $399 for the basic configuration, or even slightly reduce. For example, up to $349.

By itself, reduce the price of the iPhone with some kind of upgrade of the technical part is quite difficult. After all, we already know that Apple has to pay for A15 Bionic more than all previous processors, and 5G requires additional royalties. But asking for a device in the case of 2017, as they say, full price is a bit too much.

Do not misunderstand me. I acknowledge that iPhone SE 3 even in the old design and with a weak battery will definitely find its customers. Another question is how many there will be. There is no doubt that the novelty will not become a bestseller. And releasing a smartphone for the sake of several thousand retrogrades is clearly not something that will bring Apple a lot of money.

In Cupertino, they cannot fail to realize that iPhone SE 3 in the form in which it is planned, cannot bring serious earnings to the company. But don’t release the most cheap iphone she can’t either. Still, then the market simply will not remain inexpensive alternatives to Android smartphones. Therefore, Apple simply made a compromise, which is not very beneficial for it and not very pleasant for most users. But it was impossible not to go for it.

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