When will AirPods 3 come out?

AirPods 3

The Apple presentation is over. On Tuesday, September 14, we saw several new products, which did not include the new AirPods wireless headphones. For so many years, they have become very fond of not only fans of Apple technology, but also lovers of wireless headphones in general. I think that many users were waiting for AirPods and were very upset when they did not see the promised product. However, you should not be upset. Some sources claim that AirPods have already entered mass production.

When Apple introduced its first wireless earbuds in 2016, many users took to them with hostility. The form factor presented in Cupertino did not cause much approval, because most used earplugs. But just a couple of years passed, and AirPods began to appear in everyone.

Now almost everyone has wireless headphones from Apple. Wherever you go, you will definitely meet AirPods on someone. Original, copy, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that it was a real revolution. Of course, for so many years, such a huge number of users have a lot of requirements and comments on the new device. This is not surprising. Only after spending some time with a new gadget, you begin to understand all its problems and shortcomings. It was the same with AirPods.

In 2019, when rumors of a lineup update appeared, many had already begun to save money, but that was not to be. The new AirPods 2 didn’t seem to have any distinctive features. Apple just tweaked the previous version. The only improvement that really benefited users was the ability to charge wirelessly.

When Apple will show AirPods 3

The other day Taiwanese resource DigiTimes reported that the AirPods 3 headphones are already in production. A reasonable question arises: why, then, were they not shown to us on September 14th? DigiTimes claims that supplies were still too small at the time. They have not yet entered mass production. But now this problem seems to be solved.

Now I have a question: why does Apple have no problem presenting us with the Apple Watch Series 7, which will be released no one knows when, (“later this fall” sounds too vague) and AirPods 3 are left for later? Or maybe they didn’t want to present more than one unfinished product?

One more question. Even before the Apple presentation, the Internet was full of rumors about the delay in the supply of Apple Watch 7, but not a word was said about AirPods, why? Everything seemed to be moving along quite well. I’m afraid that no one can satisfy my curiosity now. It remains only to wait.

What AirPods 3 will look like

While waiting for the new AirPods, a lot of rumors about this appeared on the network. The design of the new headphones will resemble the Pro model. Only silicone ear pads will be removed, while the form factor of the classic AirPods in Cupertino should be preserved.

The charging case will also be similar to the older model. It will be long and wide. Finally, support for wireless charging will be delivered by default. Perhaps only Apple had the sense to put the new AirPods 2 in an old case without wireless charging. This decision still seems very strange to me. But surprisingly, that’s exactly what I have. I got them absolutely free, that is, for free.

Many users also complain about the sound quality in old headphones. Say other manufacturers have long left AirPods out of competition. It’s hard for me to say that AirPods sound bad. Yes, I will not hide, I often heard some Sony, in which the sound is a hundred times cooler, but AirPods did not position themselves as a professional solution.

As for functionality, here the differences from the Pro model will be significant. Again, Apple marketing in action. Want to noise reduction function and Transparency mode? You are welcome, AirPods Pro. If you are seriously interested in AirPods 3, I recommend our article to you. There we have collected the most detailed information about the new headphones from Apple.

Should I buy AirPods 2 now?

If you are just looking at buying AirPods, then feel free to buy the second version without waiting for the update. Why? Everything is simple. New model, new problems. No matter how hard Apple tries to make their ears perfect, it turns out they are not the best way. The new form factor, one way or another, will bring some difficulties. This cannot be avoided.

Another argument in favor of buying AirPods 2 can be considered rumors that the previous generation of headphones will still remain on sale. According to leaks, AirPods 3 by price should fit neatly between the Classic and Pro models.

Are you planning to buy AirPods 3? Were you very upset when they were not shown at the presentation? I propose to share my opinion on this matter in our Telegram chat.

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