What you need to know before buying an iPhone 14 Plus


Regular non-Pro big screen iphone users have been asking Apple for a long time. But in Cupertino they always went their own way and instead of a large iPhone, they slipped buyers a small one that was of interest to a very limited circle of people. Still, time has shown that most users are comfortable with devices with large screens, because consuming content from such smartphones is much more comfortable. On September 7, Apple showed us regular iPhone 14 and his an enlarged version of the iPhone 14 Plus. Giving users exactly what they wanted.

But either out of a desire to ensure sales of all models, or simply not having time to produce the right amount, iPhone 14 Plus sales will only start on October 7th. Although the other three models have long been disassembled in detail by buyers. If you are waiting for the start of sales of this particular iPhone, then especially for you we have collected all the most important things you need to know about the iPhone 14 Plus before buying.

iPhone 14 Plus dimensions

The first and most important thing you should be aware of when targeting purchase of iPhone 14 Plus are its dimensions. The smartphone is 78.1 mm wide, 160.8 mm high, and 7.8 mm thick. This is a fairly large device, which will not always be comfortable to use if you have small hands. The screen diagonal is 6.7 inches, weight – 203 grams. Because of the bangs, the useful display area will be smaller, but not significantly.

As mentioned above, the iPhone 14 Plus has become the largest basic iPhone. Be sure to keep this in mind before purchasing. If it is possible to touch a smartphone in a store, then it is better to do it. Especially if you have only used iPhones with a diagonal of 6.1 inches or less before. Otherwise, you may just be unpleasantly surprised by the size of the new smartphone and will not be able to use it normally. I’m glad that Apple has increased screen resolution in iPhone 14 Plus almost to the level of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Thanks to this, the screen of the novelty is of the same high quality and clear as that of other models. The pixel density was 458 ppi, which is an excellent indicator.

iPhone 14 Plus – battery

The main thing follows from the size Advantage of iPhone 14 Plus This is his battery. Taking into account processor from the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the absence of extra energy-consuming chips like Always On Display, the new smartphone should work at least at the level of last year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max. In a separate article, we compared autonomy of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 lines. The winner in this comparison was the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

note that iPhone 13 Pro Max screen equipped with ProMotion technology and operates at a frequency of 120 Hz. The iPhone 14 Plus does not have such a feature. Accordingly, the power consumption of the display will be much less. Therefore, we can safely expect that in autonomy tests, the new Plus should become the longest-lived iPhone.

How long does it take to charge iPhone

But a larger battery is not only an advantage in battery life, but also a disadvantage in charging speed. In a separate article, we told How long does it take to charge iPhone 14 Pro Max with different power supplies. Everything is the same for the iPhone 14 Plus. Even with a 30W charger, you are unlikely to be able to charge it noticeably faster than two hours.

In the world of Android smartphones, this charging speed seems ridiculous. But Apple stubbornly refuses to add anything more than 30 watts to smartphones. So if you count fast charge iPhone 14 Plus up to 100% on the go, then in a short time it simply will not work. The saddest thing is that even if you use powerful power supply, then the iPhone will not take more than the declared one. Therefore, there is no way to bypass the 30 W limit.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus – what do they have in common

Everything else will be exactly the same as in the regular iPhone 14. Cameras, processor, materials and body colors. All the same. There are no other differences between smartphones. You can even say that the iPhone 14 Plus is an enlarged iPhone 13. After all, 14 from 13 is practically no different. If you already own an iPhone 13, then running for a brand new plus is only in that situation if a large screen in a smartphone is fundamentally important to you.

An increase in diagonal by 0.6 inches will be quite noticeable. The smartphone will be perceived in a completely different way compared to the usual model. But getting some radically different experience from the new device will not work. Even Dynamic Island in iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max adds more novelty. Here is the same familiar iPhone, without any revelations. If you are wondering how the iPhone 14 Plus differs from the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can read about it in the material by Ivan Gerasimov.

But someone needs just such a familiar device, just with a large and convenient display. If you are one of those users, then the iPhone 14 Plus is made for you. Be sure to keep all of the above in mind before purchasing. This will avoid high expectations and get a real buzz from buying a new toy. It remains only to wait until iPhone 14 Plus will arrive in Russia and prices will settle down after the first wave of hype.

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