What to give for the new year to the owner of the iPhone. Found the most unusual gift

Have you ever experienced a sudden breakdown of equipment? Has it ever happened that the screen of the smartphone was broken, but not completely? Well, that is, there is a crack, it seems unpleasant, but it does not interfere with life and you can use the phone. At some point, you run, you forget about it and that’s it – it has become a habit. And how many batteries in phones need to be replaced, and their users constantly carry a wire, a power adapter and an external battery with them. All this can be solved easily and simply. And most importantly, you can give a person not just another unnecessary trinket, but what he really needs – the comfort and convenience of using an expensive gadget.

Unusual gift for an Apple fan

Few people think of approaching a gift from this side. But this is one of the most unusual gifts that will suit, if not everyone, then many. We remember about replacing the battery and understand that if a person has an iPhone that is 2-3 years old, updating the power source for him will definitely not be superfluous.

Understanding this firsthand, our friends from the Apple Pro service center have introduced a gift card program that can be used to pay for the repair of any Apple equipment. At the same time, they understand that a gift may be unusual enough that a person does not immediately use it. Usually gift certificates to a store or entertainment are valid for 1-2 months or a maximum of six months. Everything is much more interesting here and you can use the service of screen replacement, battery replacement, recovery after contact with water or simple cleaning of the device within 18 months. This is a year and a half, during which it will be enough to present a certificate and receive repairs without any payment.

Phone damage insurance

At first we joked in the editorial office, and then we seriously thought that such a certificate could even be used for ourselves. For example, if you bought a new iPhone about a year or two ago and do not plan to change it in 2023, then closer to 2024 you will need to change the battery in it. It is difficult to get together and do this, and you still have to force yourself to do it. But by purchasing a certificate now, you can make such an investment in the future. When you already have it, you just change the battery and enjoy your phone.

And if something else happens to your phone or one of your family members (it breaks, stops working, gets scratched, etc.), you will receive a kind of insurance for this case, and you won’t have to be so upset that you have to pay for repairs . It will already be paid for. As a last resort, give it to someone for their birthday or the next New Year. There is still six months left to use it.

How to use the repair certificate

The rules for using the certificate are simple and you can familiarize yourself with them on the promotion page. In short, the Apple Pro e-Gift Certificate has no physical medium. After payment, you will receive it by e-mail. You can use it immediately after registration. That is, a phone sunk or broken on New Year’s Eve can be repaired as soon as the service center opens (check the holiday schedule on the Apple Pro website).

When applying, you will only need to inform that the repair will be carried out according to the certificate and transfer the equipment for repair. Several certificates can be summarized, but they cannot be split. Therefore, I advise you to buy several certificates of the minimum denomination. But it is important to note that only the most expensive option worth 10,000 rubles is calculated for 18 months. The remaining options for 1,500, 3,000 and 5,000 rubles are valid for 12 months.

How to repair iPhone cheaply

You can save even more! If you know exactly who you want to buy a certificate for and that he will immediately go to use it, you can buy it cheaper by 10%, but it will be valid for 6 months less. That is, a certificate for 1,500 rubles will cost you only 1,350 rubles, but not for 12, but for 6 months. Options of 3,000 and 5,000 rubles, if you do not need 12 months, will cost 2,700 and 4,500 rubles, respectively. And the most expensive one for 10,000 rubles can be bought for 9,000 rubles, but not for 18 months, but for 12.

That is, it is a legitimate method to get a 10% discount. I don’t know if this was included in the calculation of the cost, but you can use this for yourself if you need repairs. Buy a certificate and repair your gadgets with a 10% discount.

Buy an Apple Repair Certificate

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