What to do with the iPhone 5, what will be the iPhone SE 3 and how to update AirPods Pro

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The end of the weekend is no reason to stop discussing Apple technology and solving problems that arise with it. Our Telegram chat continues its work, collecting questions from our readers. And we continue to look for answers to them: by tradition, at the end of the week we collect together the most interesting questions regarding Apple devices. Today we figure out how much RAM a MacBook Air needs, how update firmware in AirPods Pro and what to do with old iphone.

What to do with an old iPhone

Greetings from the past came to our editorial office! Unfortunately, dear reader, the iPhone 5 is already morally and physically obsolete: it is a smartphone with a weak battery, a small display and an outdated processor. You can only upgrade to the version of iOS that you currently have in Settings.

The smartphone will no longer be able to perform half (if not more) of the existing tasks. Of course, you don’t need to throw it away: leave it as a keepsake, use it for calls or for listening to music. We talked more about what to do with an old iPhone in our material.

Is it worth changing iPhone X to 11

The iPhone X will be 5 years old this year. It seems that now is the best time to quickly get rid of it in order to at least help out something. Despite this, I know people who still use it and do not know the problems. By the way, if you’re going buy iPhone 11 instead, it’s a great choice. The only point: if you plan to use a smartphone for more than one year, then it is better to purchase a newer model, for example, take a closer look at the iPhone 12 while it is still available.

What will be the iPhone SE 3

Apparently, the iPhone SE 3 will be exactly the same as the iPhone SE 2020 – the processor will change to A15 Bionic, the amount of RAM, and there will also be 5G support. Unfortunately, the battery will remain the same. It seems that Apple once again postponed the iPhone SE in the iPhone 11 case until better times. We have a separate material on this topic, be sure to study it.

RAM in MacBook Air

In the discussion of this issue, the opinions of readers differ: someone believes that 8 GB of RAM is more than enough, others are sure that there is no need to skimp and it is better to immediately buy more with a reserve for the future. Considering that macOS is becoming more power hungry every year, it is really better to buy a MacBook with more RAM. As for AirPods 3, be sure to read the article AppleInsider.ru journalist Artem Rakhmatullin: he has already tested them and told what is special about them.

How to update AirPods Pro firmware

A fairly wealthy reader writes to us, but we do not take money from our own. You can update the firmware yourself.

  • Put your AirPods on charge;
  • Check their connection to the iPhone;
  • The smartphone must be connected to Wi-Fi;
  • Leave the headphones next to the iPhone for 15 minutes, then check the firmware version by going to Settings – “General” – “About” – your AirPods.

What to do if iPhone slows down

Alas, all battery problem. The iPhone 7 isn’t that bad so far, so be sure to replace the battery to stop it freezing. 79% of maximum capacity is extremely low. That is why performance has declined.

Should I buy an iPad 9

Our reader in further correspondence noted that the iPad Air 2, in his opinion, copes with all tasks so far. If everything suits you anyway, then, of course, it’s better not to spend money on new iPad. However, the iPad Air 2 is quite an age-old tablet and you should definitely upgrade to the iPad 9: it has a bigger screen, more RAM and a modern A13 Bionic chip. This is a great iPad for simple tasks. And we also compared it and the iPad mini 6, choosing the most practical option.

How to enable auto-rotate screen on iPhone

You most likely have screen rotation lock enabled. Disabling it is very easy in Control Center by clicking the padlock icon with an arrow. If the lock is turned off, and the iPhone screen still does not rotate, then restart iPhone: Unfortunately, this error still happens in iOS.

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