What to do if the iPhone overheated in the sun. How not to kill your smartphone


A real hot summer has come to most cities in our country, and with it, smartphone and tablet users have problems with overheating of their devices. It is very nice to go somewhere in nature and surf the Internet in the fresh air, read your favorite books from the screen of your gadget, watch a movie or just work. A separate pleasure is to do all this on the shore of some pond under the sun.

However, such operation can adversely affect your devices. In this article, we will look at how you can prevent your iPhone from overheating or iPad. And what to do if the device turned off with the corresponding message.

iPhone overheating – how to prevent

The coolest advice I’ve ever heard avoid smartphone overheating or a tablet on the street is not to take any of these devices with you. Nothing bad will happen if you are not online for a couple of hours. On the one hand, this is good advice, but on the other hand, not everyone can afford to stay out of the access zone even for a couple of hours. Some have small children, others have elderly parents, and still others have jobs. All this imposes a certain responsibility and forces you to stay online even on vacation.

If it so happened that when you went on vacation, you took your iPhone or iPad with you, then follow these recommendations so that your device does not catch overheating:

  • Do not put your smartphone on the front of the car while driving. Most of the sunlight enters the car through the windshield, because it cannot be tinted. The panel itself heats up, and with it everything that lies there. It is better to put the device somewhere in the glove box or do not get it out of your pockets at all. In any case, using a smartphone while driving is not safe.
  • Do not charge your gadget while in direct sunlight. Even using a Powerbank will not protect you from overheating. Any charge increases device temperatureso it is better to do these manipulations in advance.
  • Don’t play. This applies not only to some heavy games, but to all in principle. Any game increases the load on the processor, and that, in turn, heats up. Not only does it heat up outside, but also inside thanks to. The probability of disconnection in such a use case is maximum.
  • Disable automatic brightness and adjust it yourself. In direct sunlight, the light sensor automatically turns it to the maximum so that the information is readable. Modern smartphones in automatic mode can achieve significantly higher rates than in manual mode. Due to the fact that the sun will be around all the time, the brightness will not automatically decrease, and the smartphone or tablet will spend a huge amount of energy on this and overheat.
  • Do not leave your smartphone outdoors in direct sunlight. Wherever you are, be it a beach or a cottage, try to keep your device in the shade. If there is no shady place, then at least put it in a backpack or cover it with a towel.

All these tips will help you avoid overheating of your iphone or iPad and not be left without communication at the most inopportune moment.

iPhone overheated and won’t turn on

If it so happened that overheating nevertheless occurred and the device switched to the appropriate mode, then do not panic. You just need to put it in a cool place where the sun does not reach. If there is no such place, then at least just isolate from direct rays. No need to put your smartphone or tablet in the freezer, as some craftsmen advise. A sudden change in temperature can adversely affect the device.

It will take some time to cool down, and your gadget will automatically return to working condition. If you understand that the device is already quite cold, but it still cannot be used, then, unfortunately, the only way is to the service center. Such situations happen very rarely. Most often, everything ends with the full return of the iPhone to life. The most important thing is in anticipation of a decline smartphone temperature Do not, under any circumstances, charge it. This can significantly increase the time to return to operating temperatures.

Always remember that the temperature range in which the iPhone can be operated is from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. Perhaps it is this fact that will allow you not to bring your gadgets to a shutdown. Use your devices for pleasure and look at the world not through the camera of your smartphone. We often forget to experience real emotions because of this.

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