What to do if AirPods fall into the snow

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The week has reached the best part – the weekend, which means that our traditional column, in which we answer questions, is in touch with you! We slightly modified it – now we will answer the most interesting question as concisely as possible. In the past 7 days, the readers of our Telegram chat were worried about the price of the iPhone and the future of Apple smartphones in Russia – we gave the most detailed description of what is happening. Against this background, readers’ reports of problems with Apple technology go unnoticed. Today we will tell you what to do if AirPods fell into the snow.

We were contacted by our reader, who earpiece fell into the snow. Snow is water, right? Let’s figure out how to be.

AirPods water protection

If dropped your AirPods in water, do not rush to panic. Firstly, some models are protected from water and moisture. What?

These headphones have water protection according to the IPX4 standard. This standard indicates that the equipment, when exposed to a large amount of splashes (rain, shower), will not be damaged and will work. At the same time, water falling on the headphones can fly from completely different directions.

If you have 1st or 2nd generation AirPods, they are not water resistant. True, many years of experience show that nothing will happen to them during training or in the rain (unless, of course, you are caught in heavy rain). Of course, it is not worth checking, but it is important to keep in mind.

How to dry AirPods

Here are some ground rules if your headphones are in trouble.

  • If AirPods fall into the water, in any case don’t paste them in a case.
  • If AirPods get wet right in the charging case, then immediately get them out of there.
  • Shake the charging case to rid it of liquid. Leave it open without headphones.
  • Take a rag, toothpick or any other device to wipe everything inside. Do the same with headphones.
  • Hairdryer use is not recommended, but not prohibited. Try to keep him at a distance at least one and a half meters to the device, so as not to harm.

After you’ve tried dry your AirPodsuse the software features.

  • Download the WaterEject Command.
  • Connect AirPods to iPhone.
  • Go to “Quick Commands” and activate: close all sensors and openings with your fingers, except for the speakers.
  • Repeat the procedure until all the water comes out of the earphones.
  • Leave the AirPods to dry for a while (preferably 1-2 hours), so to speak, let it brew.

This method works if your headphones connect to iPhone and show signs of life.

What to do if the sound in AirPods has become quieter

If, after all the correct procedures, your earphone is working, congratulations – you are in luck! In theory, AirPods are designed to be robust enough to withstand liquid. But for complete confidence, it is important to carry out all the necessary procedures on time.

If the headphones started working, but their sound became quieter, we have to state that you will need to buy a new earphone: liquid ingress is not a warranty case and the accessory cannot be replaced under warranty. It’s not all bad: try one life hack just in case AirPods sound quieter.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Accessibility.
  • Click “Audio Visualization”.
  • Move the slider to the right or left, depending on which earpiece you have become quieter.

Thus, you can try to level the loss of volume.

Friends, we remind you that you can ask all your questions in our Telegram chat: it does not sleep, it works around the clock without breaks and weekends!

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