What most often breaks in the iPhone and can it be repaired

Any technique has the ability to break. For one reason or another, depending on its type, you will have a risk that the gadget will fail. Smartphones have their own risks, which depend mainly on users. One is more inclined to drown an expensive gadget, the other can break it, and the third will do nothing, use it carefully in a case, and without taking it out of the house, it will still break. It is these cases that are the most offensive, but not the rarest. We have collected the most common causes of failure and want to tell you about them. Not to scare you, but rather to keep you safe. After all, it is our actions that often lead to the failure of an expensive device.

What most often breaks in the iPhone

To find out the most common causes of iPhone failure, we turned to our friends at Apple Pro. We asked them what kind of breakdown they are most often treated with, and based on their answers, we have prepared this material. So far, we do not take other Apple equipment for consideration, but the data presented can be transferred to phones from other manufacturers with a certain degree of error. The iPhone does not have many specific breakdowns.

iPhone screen button not working

It seems that there are not so many iPhones with a button left, but they are, and this is a common reason for contacting a service center. As a rule, it fails after a fall (perhaps within a few days after it) or when moisture enters. We are talking about old models with a button, not with a sensor, so water ingress into them is quite possible.

In addition, such phones are quite old, and the button could fail due to natural wear or, again, due to numerous small drops. Restoring the button in the vast majority of cases is impossible and requires its replacement. Replacing the Home button in the iPhone 6s will cost about 1900 rubles. It is recommended to do this only by professionals. Actually, like other types of repair.

Why iPhone stopped charging

Another common reason people go to a service center is pretty simple in itself. If there is a hole in the technique, sooner or later it will surely become clogged with dirt, and if it is periodically compacted inside the hole, it will clog it completely.

That’s what happens with the connector. If the cable does not insert well and charging does not work or is interrupted, it is most likely full of dust and lint. You can clean the connector yourself, but you must do this very carefully and do not use metal objects. But it is better to entrust it to specialists. It will be inexpensive, but the risk of damage will be reduced to zero.

It is possible that the connector itself is damaged, but you definitely won’t be able to diagnose this at home, and it’s better to give the phone for diagnostics. For example, in Apple Pro, you can do free iPhone diagnostics. After it, they will tell you exactly what is broken and how much the repair will cost.

The phone began to ring quietly or the interlocutor is hard to hear

This is another breakdown that is associated with dirt. Speaker grilles get clogged with dirt, grease, sweat and other unpleasant things. It is problematic to clean them at home, since there is a grate inside them, and dirt gets inside its honeycombs.

Fixing this problem is not very expensive. For example, cleaning the iPhone 11 speaker will cost you only 500 rubles and 15 minutes of time. Not such a big price for the comfortable use of your favorite gadget.

Screen does not turn off when making a call

It happens. In this case, the problem is most likely in the upper cable, which was damaged when dropped or damaged due to contact with moisture. In this case, it will probably need to be replaced, but this is not the most expensive procedure. You can find out exactly the cost for each model and whether the problem is really in the loop after the diagnosis.

FaceID does not register a face or does not work

Inside the face unlock sensor are a couple of very fragile components. In particular, the prism, which is easy to break. We talked more about FaceID repair and related problems in this article (https://appleinsider.ru/hardware/chto-delat-esli-ne-rabotaet-face-id-mozhno-li-otremontirovat.html). But in short, the repair of this component is quite problematic, since a simple replacement is indispensable here – this is a safety element. But you can restore its performance by local repair. It costs around 7900 rubles. In some cases, the cost may increase.

The screen does not respond to touch

In some cases, if this happened suddenly, the phone could simply freeze. The iPhone rarely freezes, but you can try restarting it. For models with a button, you must simultaneously hold down the power button and the Home button, holding them until the screen goes blank. In models without Home, you need to hold down the power and volume up buttons and also wait until the screen goes blank or an apple image appears (depending on what happens first). Then release the buttons and wait for the download.

It is more likely that the display module is damaged. Most often this problem occurs in the iPhone 6 Plus, which has already become large, but has not yet become durable and often bends. For example, when carried in the back pocket. The iPhone 6S Plus no longer suffered from this, like the regular iPhone 6. Then there were also problematic models. For example, the iPhone 8 Plus often broke the screen even with a slight fall. Replacing the iPhone 8 Plus screen with the original one, if necessary, costs 8,900 rubles.

What else can break in the iPhone

Other common causes of breakdowns include a non-working camera or flashlight, freezing during loading, non-working buttons on the case, signal problems, and some others. Most of them are associated with mechanical damage. A simple rule works here – if the screen did not break when dropped, this does not mean that nothing happened to the phone. There are a lot of delicate components inside that can break or be damaged. As a result, the phone will either not work at all, or will work worse.

Also, do not think that if the phone continued to work after falling into the water, then everything is fine. Under the influence of current, the boards and cables are instantly exposed to corrosion. If a fall into water occurs, you must immediately turn off the phone and take it to a service center, where the battery will be disconnected from it and cleaned. Many do not believe in this, but if anything, I warned you.

We did not specifically consider the case of direct mechanical damage to phones, since a broken screen or a broken case has always been the most common cause of repair. Apple Pro can replace the glass separately from the screen, reducing the cost of repairs from a couple of tens of thousands of rubles to seven or eight. We did not consider the need to replace the battery either, as this is more related to wear and tear than actual damage. In any case, take care of your iPhone. Especially now, when it is really expensive.

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