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iPhone 12

The week flew by again unnoticed, leaving behind a huge number of messages in our Telegram chat. What do we do with them on Fridays? Of course, we find the most interesting ones and try to answer them concisely. With you in touch again the heading “Answers to questions”! Today we will try to help our reader decide which of the three iPhones to keep for himself, and which ones are better to sell? The situation is certainly very unusual! Especially when you consider that all three iPhones are still good. However, let’s turn to their features and Avito prices to decide which one is best to sell right now.

Which iPhone is worth taking in 2022

Let’s start with the fact that our reader is very lucky to have the last three generations of iPhone at once. Based on all the benefits, in your place, probably keep the iPhone 11 Pro Max: here is the largest display (6.5 inches vs. 6.1), an advanced camera compared to the iPhone 12 (triple module and 4x zoom) and a powerful battery (up to 20 hours of video playback instead of 17 – 3969 mAh vs. 2815 mAh).

In addition, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has only 64 GB of memory – a good indicator if you really only use calls and the camera. Yes, and for 11 Pro Max they don’t give so much – on Avito, the price for the same amount of memory starts at only 44,000 rubles, so you won’t earn much if you decide to sell.

Best iPhone 2022

The most practical iPhone today it’s the iPhone 12. Everything is perfect in it, and the smartphone has also risen in price on Avito: if you bought it for 45,000 rubles, now it is sold for at least 55,000 rubles, and there are very few such cheap options. Basically, the starting price for a smartphone varies within 60 thousand rubles. That is, you have even more benefit – about 15 thousand rubles, and you need to use it immediately. Feel free to sell the iPhone 12 and you will not regret it.

Also, the iPhone 12 is the most popular of the three you suggested. If the iPhone 11 was on the list, then there would definitely be no questions. And so – in your place, it would be bold sold iPhone 12until the price drops. Also no one knows what will happen to Apple technology nextso it’s better to safely merge “top” smartphones until nothing happens to them.

How much is the iPhone 13 Pro

Our reader says that the iPhone 13 Pro is also in the arsenal – one of the most expensive models to date. Now prices have calmed down a bit: a new smartphone costs around 164,000 rubles, and a used one in the same configuration costs about 110,000 rubles. That is, based on your needs, it is more profitable to sell a smartphone than to leave it: the camera and calls are on the iPhone 12, and the iPhone 13 Pro is a more expensive version of the smartphone, which, if I were you, I would safely sell. Especially, with such good indicators of the maximum capacity of the battery. Earn 30 thousand, no less.

Which iPhone is better

As a result, we have: iPhone 11 Pro Max is not the newest model, on the sale of which you will earn the least. A large screen, a top-end camera and a good battery condition, but not enough memory – we can safely leave it to ourselves. iPhone 12 is one of the most popular models today. Your benefit from the sale will be 15-20 thousand rubles, and it will not be difficult to sell it – the current smartphone will quickly go under the hammer. As a last resort, you can leave it instead of 11 Pro Max, but I wouldn’t do that.

The iPhone 13 Pro is the top model to sell right now. Yes, this is a cool smartphone, but it is the most profitable to put up for sale at the moment. Leaving a smartphone in the current situation is a dubious decision. And it is unlikely that you will really need such characteristics with such modest requests. Again, no one knows what will happen to Apple in Russiaso the potential “most expensive calculator” is better to merge faster.

Friends, the opinion on the sale is an exclusively personal view. Do not agree? Write in the comments which iPhone did you keepand which one was sold?

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