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It so happened that in a person several things are ineradicable. In addition to pure physiology, they also include an immense thirst for freebies. I’m not saying that “everyone is bad, but I’m good.” I, like everyone else, often do not want to spend money where it can not be done. Moreover, it is not even about the amount of the amount, but the very fact of unnecessary spending. This is found in all areas, because everywhere there is cheap and expensive. Including in the proposal for the maintenance of gadgets. Now I would like to talk about what thoughtless savings lead to when it comes to repairing gadgets. Let’s discuss what poor-quality repairs can lead to using specific examples.

Almost everything that will be said in the article below, I learned from an interesting conversation with one of our friends from the Apple Pro service center, which we have written about more than once on our website. It was a cry from the heart about how much crippled equipment is brought to the masters of this service center. It would seem that they, on the contrary, should enjoy the extra work. But that’s not entirely true, and here’s why.

Where to repair iMac

Often, when an iPhone, MacBook, or iMac breaks down, the average user surfs the Internet looking for a repair price. Contacting an Apple service costs a lot of money, but here there is a master “Vasya”which the Ready to renovate for just Rs., and not for 20,000 rubles, which the “snickering Apple” asks for. And not even for 10,000 rubles, which are requested by a third-party service that has official status, like Apple Pro.

In addition to the fact that the low price has already clouded the minds of many, the master also offers on-site repairs. Here the client finally understands that such an offer must be held on to, and calls the master. Here is a man with a screwdriver and an antistatic mat. What other quality assurance do you need? Is not it?

Should You Trust Offsite Repairs?

In fact, anyone who has ever been to a service center (I have been several times) has seen how much equipment, testers, devices, tools, holders and spare parts are there. And also sterile cleanliness and there is even a dust-free chamber for working with small parts, such as processors. I’m not talking about the glass replacement process.

All this is simply impossible to take with you on the road, and this is what distinguishes good service from the collective farm. It is one thing to put a RAM board in a case the size of a BelAZ wheel, and quite another to work with modern computers, where everything is very small and placed quite tightly.

Just an example from the practice of the Apple Pro masters. Already several times they brought an iMac for repair, which could not be disassembled. Initially, the screen is glued to a special adhesive pad that holds it securely in place, but in case of need for maintenance, it peels off. Those who roughly know how a computer works and are ready to go repair it at home, just to pay, do not attach any importance to this.

What threatens poor-quality computer repair

As a result, there were more than once cases when something else broke after such a repair, but it is simply impossible to disassemble the iMac, because the screen is glued almost to superglue – once and for all. As a result, for example, a cable damaged during such a barbarous repair, the replacement of which costs three kopecks, cannot be replaced without a broken screen glass. In fact, instead of immediately paying 7,000 rubles conditionally in a good service, a person pays 3,000 rubles to a charlatan from the world of computers, and then several tens of thousands more for eliminating the devastating consequences of such a repair. It’s a shame!

Of course, sometimes everything goes pretty well, but it is very difficult to carry out high-quality repairs at home. The same screen gaskets differ from model to model and the “master” simply cannot bring them all in a small bag. Therefore, it turns out that they either stick so that you can’t tear them off, or simply fall off. There have also been such cases when the screen fell on people’s hands after the case heated up, or they found it on the floor after coming home from work.

Do Macs need to be serviced?

Often such masters are approached by lovers of “self-treatment” who have heard somewhere that the computer may start to slow down due to the degradation of the thermal paste on the processor. As a result, it seems to them that the computer is not pulling, and they call the wizard described above to replace it, without even thinking that a 5-7-year-old iMac does not require replacement of thermal paste. What happens after the repair, we have already discussed above.

At the same time, a glued screen is bad (or vice versa – very good) – this is only part of what “homemade” can do. Another common problem is damage to internal screws. They are so microscopic that they can only be unscrewed with a quality tool.

Can bad tools break a computer

Have you ever wondered why simple [казалось бы] Are hairdresser’s scissors worth a fortune? This is a precise tool that does not dull, does not tear hair and performs its functions perfectly. Same with screwdrivers. Bought on AliExpress “30 pieces for 1000 rubles” and will work. First they will break everything around, and then they will break themselves. There are great things on AliExpress, but unfortunate craftsmen often save on quality.

To unscrew a miniature screw, you need to accurately hit its counterpart. If the screwdriver did not hit or the turn was too strong, the slot immediately breaks off and unscrew it becomes daunting task. With such damage, users also apply for the elimination of the consequences of the repair.

Above, we considered examples of cases when the master really tries to do something, but cannot due to lack of experience or normal tools. But there are other examples when you run the risk of becoming a victim of scammers. This also occurs.

Should I take my computer in for service?

I’m talking about the times when the master comes and says that cannot make repairs on site (Who would doubt that). Like, he needs to take the computer to the service. And then what will he have enough conscience for – from another obscene repair to pulling money from you or even disappearing with your computer. However, this is already a rarity, but this should not be ruled out anyway.

Unfortunately, in our time of deliveries we are used to everything being done at home. It turns out that not all. We are not talking about the fact that you can call a surgeon to perform an operation at home. Why, he will also come with a scalpel and bandages. It sounds absurd, but the technique is the same. If it is being repaired with something thinner than a 10 key, then it is already complicated and repairs should be carried out not “on the knee”, but in a prepared room with a lot of special equipment. And most importantly, with the good hands of the master.

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