What happens if you buy an old iPhone? Spoiler: nothing good

Buying an old model iPhone is a good investment. However, such an event is always associated with a certain risk: the older the iPhone model, the more likely it is to face difficulties in using it in the future. In a previous article, I talked about iPhones that are definitely not worth buying in 2022, but many readers expressed their disagreement with the list of smartphones. Indeed, they are quite good at the moment, but problems may arise if you buy a device for the future, for example, for 2-3 years. Today I will tell you about the most popular problems that can arise if buy an old iPhone right now.

Processor in iPhone

Smartphones from Apple are less prone to lags associated with the obsolescence of iron. The iPhone is built with an eye to the future, as a result of which even five-year-old smartphones work quite tolerably, getting iOS updates and new features. Given the age of the processor and the amount of RAM, outdated iPhone can’t work fast forever.

I was criticized in our Telegram chat for advising not to buy the iPhone XR, perhaps not considering the fact that it will turn 4 next year – a respectable age for the A12 Bionic chip, which in 1-2 years will be like the A9 right now. In addition, Apple not only pumps power processor in iPhonebut also its energy efficiency. Unfortunately, it is this indicator that is developing by leaps and bounds, leaving the previous versions of chips far behind.

New iPhone design

As long as there is an iPhone, Apple mercilessly squeezes all the juice out of the appearance of the smartphone. It seemed that after the iPhone 8, the company stopped, rolled out iPhone with Face ID and without the Home button, but the iPhone SE 2020 suddenly appeared – a kind of demobilized chord of the old design. Readers say the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are wildly good, literally fly even with iOS 15, but no one takes into account the fact that iPhone design morally obsolete.

Change iPhone appearance – not only a whim of Apple, but also a change in technological trends. You can say as much as you want about iPhone with button – topchik, but after 1-2 years it will already be impractical. The button sooner or later also fails, which incurs additional costs.

Cameras on iPhones

You can arbitrarily refuse to use cameras in iPhonebut it develops from generation to generation. This is the most important element in modern smartphones, which reflects its relevance. I myself often complain that this makes no sense, they say, all the photos are the same. Of course, this is not the case, because upon closer examination of the photos from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 11, you see the differences.

In short, the difference will always be visible, except when the picture is posted on Instagram. Think about what you are giving money for: for an advanced camera module in the iPhone 13 or for an outdated one in the iPhone XR or iPhone 8 Plus. It’s not the old iPhones that shoot worse, but the new ones take better pictures. Buy – so do it wisely.

iPhone battery

Despite the fact that energy efficiency is Apple’s forte, the batteries of older iPhone models will no longer be as long-lasting as they were, for example, with iOS 12. The operating system is getting more voracious year by year: the more powerful the battery, the longer it will last with current version of iOS.

It is for this reason that I did not recommend the iPhone 8, iPhone XS and iPhone SE 2020 for a long-term purchase. Even if its autonomy is enough for you today, the iPhone will still begin to lose ground in six months or a year. And here it doesn’t matter at all whether your residual capacity falls quickly or not.

How much does the iPhone lose in price

Sell ​​iPhone very easy. But keep in mind that if you buy an iPhone XR or iPhone 8 now, in a couple of years you will definitely sell it for next to nothing. Unfortunately, technology flies forward, Apple releases smartphones in vain every year, as a result of which older generations of iPhone lose even more in price. If you keep in mind that one day you will sell a smartphone, then try to buy a more up-to-date model with which there will be no problems in use or a large loss of invested funds.

Outdated iPhones

This year, Apple suddenly discontinued the popular iPhone 12. A strange situation, but there is logic: this iPhone would compete with the iPhone 13, hindering sales of a more recent model. It is almost impossible to guess when the company will stop producing any model. And Apple from time to time put old iPhone models to the obsolete list. Agree, it’s quite a shame when you buy a good smartphone, and after a while it turns out to be outdated and you can’t even find it on sale?

Summing up, I would like to say that buying an iPhone should be balanced: here it is important not to chase the cheapness of the device and its performance at the moment, but to look ahead for 1-2 years. Already now we are faced with a situation where there are not enough iPhones for everyone, and no one knows how long this will last. I hope these reasons are enough to select iPhone wisely, not regretting buying it after a while.

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