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Not so long ago, it was hard to imagine that the iPhone would have any other body color than black or white. Boring strict colors are frankly tired, all the jokes about the fact that white iPhone is more expensive than black, have already been joked about, and Apple held the line for a long time, not giving the iPhone other body colors. First, the company released the iPhone 5C, which turned out to be a not entirely successful experiment, then there was the iPhone in gold color, and only then Apple broke into the iPhone XR palette, which, despite the similarity to the 5C, turned out to be a real hit. Since then, the company has been pampering us with iPhones in different colors every year: we figure out how to choose and why iPhone color important for resale.

What does a red iPhone mean?

In the days of mobile phones, red devices did not carry any hidden meaning. Except that the color was popular with women. Since Apple took over the mobile industry, a lot has changed: for example, the red iPhone has become the norm, and the color has become meaningful. red iPhone has a special label (PRODUCT)RED because of the collaboration between Apple and the charity founded by U2 lead singer Bono.

Apple has been working with (RED) for a long time, but has only recently begun releasing special red colored iPhones. Part of the proceeds from the sale of red iPhones are transferred to the fund to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS, and more recently to the fight against coronavirus. Red iPhone very beautiful and stylish: for example, iPhone SE 2020 in red looks the best in this line. If you like this color but are worried about being looked down upon, forget about it. Red has long ceased to be only for women, and it also looks great in a transparent case and without it. This iPhone always attracts extra attention and goes well with any outfit.

iPhone color pacific

This color first appeared in the iPhone 12, becoming the most popular among buyers. Apple fans liked it so much that at the start of sales it was difficult to find an iPhone of this particular color. It’s amazing what happened in Russia: our fellow citizens still remain true to black in everything, including when buying an iPhone. Releasing the iPhone in color “pacific blue“, Apple has replaced dark green iPhone 11. The smartphone turned out to be unusual and very attractive: at the same time restrained, beautiful and deep. It goes well with a transparent or black case.

Sky Blue iPhone

This year, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max received a new color – sky blue. This is probably the most neutral color for a smartphone that we have ever seen. By the way, in reality, the color was somewhat different from what we were shown at the presentation: the owners can compare the smartphone with what is printed on the box. Nevertheless, this option is recommended for purchase if you are tired of the bright iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. It is so calm and plain in a good way that it is not a sin to hide it with a case of any color.

Bright iPhone

If the two previous colors are mortal boredom for you, you want something brighter, then be sure to take a closer look at green iPhone 12 or mint iPhone 11. This is the perfect smartphone for those who want an unusual gadget after black and white iPhones. It helps not only to stand out from the crowd, but also goes well with bright clothes in the wardrobe. The same can be said about iPhone 13 in pink: do not be afraid to buy it, because it has more of a calm peach shade. Nothing to do with rose gold in the same iPhone 6S.

Exactly for the same reason, it is worth taking the iPhone in yellow or purple. The yellow version of the iPhone XR was very bright and interesting, really juicy, but in the next year’s lineup, Apple “muted” the brightness of the colors in the iPhone, making them calmer. It was decided to replace the blue iPhone with purple – it turned out cool in the iPhone 11, and in the iPhone 12 it came out in a special edition, becoming a little brighter and more attractive. In my opinion, these iPhones are best worn without a case or use a transparent accessory.

Which iPhone do you buy more often?

Despite the widespread belief that the color of a smartphone does not affect anything, because we still wear them in a case, iPhones in white and black are sold and bought much more willingly. This is especially true for the secondary market: yellow iPhone XR harder to sell than the popular black or white. So if you’re buying an iPhone with the thought that one day you’ll need to sell it quickly, go for the black or white one. For example, scratches are less noticeable on such cases and cases of any color are suitable for them – they will definitely look harmonious.

Practice shows that it is the color that is in second place after choosing the amount of memory in the iPhone. And yes, it’s important not to be afraid to experiment: practice shows that it is “boring” black or white that gets bored faster and you want to get rid of them, but there is no such problem with brighter shades – they delight owners every day, remembering more than other smartphones.

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