Using a stolen iPhone will become more difficult. Here’s what Apple came up with


Apple is constantly introducing new rules: either in the use of its gadgets, or in relation to its services. True, not everyone publishes them, so some data has to be learned from American insiders. The company often goes along with its users, so it often cancels its own rules: at first, the company was against the Face ID repair, then temporarily refused scan photos to iCloud. But the new repair rule will likely reduce the number of stolen iPhones and be appreciated by the fan community. We talk about which iPhones will not be repaired in service centers and does it make sense.

How to take your iPhone in for repair

Despite the fact that Apple has temporarily suspended deliveries to Russia, this does not prevent it from introducing new rules for repairs at authorized service centers. According to one of the new leaks from MacRumours, Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers will now be warned that iPhone was stolen or lost. Such a smartphone will be included in the register of GSMA devices, and based on the data received, the service will have to refuse to repair such a smartphone.

The technician will see a message on the MobileGenius or GSX systems indicating that the iPhone has been lost or missing. The company’s new policy will aim to reduce the number of stolen iPhones brought to Apple for repair. By the way, GSMA registry – a global database that receives information about stolen or lost devices when you contact the police. Accordingly, not all smartphones are included in it: many prefer block iphone using findermarking the device as lost.

What to do with a locked iPhone

The new rule will also affect those smartphones whose owners will not be able to turn off the missing notification before handing it in for repair – it is already in effect. Therefore, if lost iPhone and you have no way to block it through Latitude, be sure to report the loss to the police. Your smartphone will immediately enter the GSMA database, which will prevent its further use by an intruder.

True, this initiative also has its drawbacks: it will certainly interfere repair stolen iphone, but not much. It looks doubtful that an attacker will go to an official service center with a stolen smartphone. Most likely, he will turn to a local workshop to replace a broken display, where his iPhone will not be checked against any bases and it is unlikely that they will pay attention to the fact that the display shows an inscription about a stolen or lost iPhone.

Most likely even iPhone found on the street will be sent for spare parts, but what about the blocked one? On any radio market for a reasonable price, you can find a smartphone assembled from spare parts of its fellows. Although, of course, Apple can only be praised for such an initiative, but there are doubts that it will somehow affect the situation.

phone theft statistics

According to statistics, every third theft in Russia is related to smartphones. Device theft is still rampant, as is cash theft. Despite everyone’s recommendations on what to do to prevent their phone from being stolen, users still don’t follow them. Last year, the Interior Ministry reported that in Moscow most often stolen iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone 12. This mostly happens in public places like bars and restaurants when users leave them unattended or straight out of their pockets.

Slightly less often, according to law enforcement agencies, people lose their smartphones on the street, in the subway, at bus stops or in underground passages. If you thought it was extremely difficult to steal a phone, then this is absolutely not the case: according to statistics, people lose their gadgets when they give them to unknown people on the street for an “emergency call”.

How to block an iPhone if it was stolen

The first thing to do if you have lost your smartphone or think that it has been stolen is to block it. Just in case, we remind you of how to block an iPhone if it was stolen.

  • From another Apple device, enter your Apple ID and go to Latitude.
  • Then select your device, click “Activate” in the “Mark as lost” column.

You can do the same through the browser on your phone or PC.

  • Go to
  • Enter your Apple ID account details and click “Continue”;
  • Select “Find iPhone”;
  • After that, open it on the map and click “Erase data” or “Lost mode” and leave a phone number for communication.

Remember that iCloud has two-factor authentication, as a result of which a code is sent to a trusted device. Therefore, in advance add a spare device to iCloudthrough which you can get it.

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