Users didn’t like AirPods 3. What’s wrong with them

If you open the AirPods 3 page on Yandex.Market, you will notice that out of 86 reviews, only 50 have a rating of “5”, “4”, “3” and “2” – 8 each, and “1” – as many as 12. this resulted in a combined score of 4.3 out of 5. Not bad considering the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro score 4.8, which is significantly higher. But What did people not like so much about AirPods 3? Let’s try to figure it out.

Reviews about AirPods 3

The easiest way to understand user complaints is to read reviews. Despite the fact that not everyone writes them, but only the most enthusiastic or, conversely, the most dissatisfied people, it still gives some sort of cut of opinions:

Should I buy AirPods 3

Of course, I don’t bring everything. AirPods 3 reviews, but only the most significant ones. And those that expressed a biased opinion, I ignored. For example, I deliberately did not take into account reviews with claims about delivery, Yandex.Market itself, or packaging. After all, it’s not fair to the product. But even these reviews show that users new AirPods 3 experiencing two problems. The first is an uncomfortable fit. Second – crackle in headphones.

It was hard to believe in the first place. Still, Apple usually chooses the shape for its headphones very carefully, testing and studying the ears of a wide audience of users. Moreover, exactly the same design is used in AirPods Pro, and they sit just fine. But I left out one small detail. In the case of the AirPods Pro, the headphones are held in the ear by a silicone ear cushion, which the AirPods 3 does not have. Therefore, they simply have nothing to catch on, and they are held only by the protrusions of the auricle.

But cracking is a more common problem. She was known in 2020. But wait. So after all AirPods 3 are out only in 2021. Yes it is. But cracking was first detected in AirPods Pro. Here are some tips Apple gave to the owners of headphones who hear crackling, squeaking or unnatural hiss:

  • Update the operating system of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac that AirPods are connected to;
  • Make sure the AirPods themselves are running the latest firmware;
  • Make sure there are no obstacles between the headphones and the connected device;
  • Try to listen to the sound from another music application in the headphones;
  • Try cleaning the outer mesh of the earbuds as it can get clogged with wax.

In general, the advice is so-so. Therefore, just a few months later, Apple announced a program replacement AirPods Pro. However, from the moment the headphones were released to the fact that Cupertino recognized the existence of a problem, about a year passed. Thus, there is a high probability that the same will happen with AirPods 3. And if so, then buying them at the risk does not make sense. In any case, I would not do this when I have AirPods Pro from a new batch in front of my eyes for exactly the same money. Pay attention to them.

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