Tinkoff Bank made a payment sticker for iPhone instead of Apple Pay. Well, such


Despite the fact that in SBPey there is actually an opportunity Pay with iPhone contactless, using the built-in NFC module, albeit with some limitations, the National Payment Card System decided to go further and issue special payment stickers. They should be glued to the back cover of the iPhone and paid in this way, by analogy with Apple Pay, by applying the smartphone to the terminal. We talked about how this technology should work in a separate article. But while NSPK was developing and organizing controlled leaks, Tinkoff Bank made its own payment sticker called Tinkoff Pay.

Tinkoff payment sticker

Tinkoff payment sticker The bank is part of the Tinkoff Pay ecosystem. Initially, it was just an online payment button that stores hosted, making life easier for users. But then the bank’s developers announced their intention to use the service as a contactless tool. payment on Android. And on iOS – in the conditions of partially closed NFC – it was decided to use just such a sticker.

The sticker is a smaller version of a bank card that sticks anywhere: on a keychain, on a bottle, on a pass, etc. But Tinkoff positions this contraption exactly as alternative to Apple Pay. Say, he pasted such a thing on the back of his iPhone, and pay them as before, just by applying to the terminal. The sticker is several times smaller than a regular card, so it does not need much space on the cover.

How to pay with Mir card from iPhone

But since this is still a card, this method, of course, has nothing to do with paying with a smartphone:

Firstly, Tinkoff Pay sticker works in passive mode. Although you order it through the application, being free to limit the available limits or block, for example, in case of loss, you cannot manage the sticker. You can’t turn it on or off as you please.

Secondly, confirm payment with biometrics, as in using Apple Pay, will not work. To do this, you need a pin code, which you will set after receiving the sticker. This is absolutely inconvenient, because many do not even remember what it is like to periodically enter four digits on the terminal to confirm the payment.

Thirdly, the sticker is the most real Tinkoff plastic card. It even bears the name of the payment system under whose auspices it is issued – Mir. Not that I have anything against this PS, but for marketing purposes, the guys from Tinkoff could write or draw something more interesting on the sticker. Otherwise, all sticker users will look like walking banners advertising a bank and a payment system.

Map not working in iPhone case

But even this is not the most important thing. Many of you are probably already aware that pay with a card that is in the case with the iPhone, is rather difficult. Despite the fact that he Apple Pay does not work in Russia, NFC in the iPhone has not been turned off. Therefore, often the terminals recognize the field not only of the “plastic”, but also of the smartphone itself, which interrupt each other. As a result, in order to pay for the purchase, you have to remove the card from the case and apply it separately. It would seem, why am I?

And to the fact that on the promo pictures that Tinkoff publishes, the sticker is not in vain pasted at the very bottom of the iPhone. Most likely, the developers of the bank figured out that if you apply a smartphone to the terminal in this particular area, the terminal will not feel the presence NFC module in iPhone, and payment will not be interrupted. Basically logical. But this means that you either have to turn the phone upside down to pay, or bring it up to the terminal from above, as if you intend to hit it.

Tinkoff Pay on iPhone – how it works

At first, the sticker will correspond to only one bank card – the Tinkoff Black debit card. However, over time, it is planned that the user will be able to switch between them in the application, linking credit cards to the sticker (now it is impossible to issue a sticker for a credit card) and even connect the use of the service installment payments Shares. When exactly this will be implemented is not specified.

The sticker, while technically just a duplicate of the classic card, will not be free. Tinkoff plans to sell it for 700 rubles per unit. That is, if you alternately use two iPhones and want to be able to pay with one or the other, you will have to pay twice. Not a very pleasant story, considering that Tinkoff’s plastic cards (I mean physical media) are free.

Order Tinkoff payment sticker

Although Tinkoff payment stickers will begin to be distributed only in January, you can already apply for the release of this for yourself:

  • Click “Submit” and your application will go to the bank;
  • As soon as the stickers start to be sent out, you will be contacted and a copy will be brought to you.

I don’t know about you, but somehow I didn’t have a desire to use this thing. No, really, in my opinion, it is much easier to carry a card with you and pay for purchases with it than to buy such a surrogate for 700 rubles. I’m not talking about how it will look from the outside. Really, it’s better to pay at the checkout using a QR code, especially since all banks have such an opportunity today than to try to find the area where the terminal already recognizes the sticker, but doesn’t see it yet iPhone NFC. In short, nonsense.

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