Three reasons to switch from Android to iPhone


The events that have unfolded in the world since February of this year have deprived Russians of most foreign services and access to some domestic applications in their usual way. I had to look for alternatives. Many iOS users regretfully put their iPhones in the box and got themselves Android smartphones. By the number of announcements about iPhone sale on the conditional “Avito” we can conclude that many are trying to throw off their old Apple devices until they have completely lost their price due to fear of further restrictions. It’s worth mentioning right away that such people are not the absolute majority, but there are many of them.

Fortunately, no restrictions other than non-working NFC payments, apps removed from the App Store and phasing out payment, the app store was no longer introduced. In this material, we will understand what changes in the iPhone will allow users who switched to Android to go back.

World of Pay for iPhone

I know several users who have abandoned their iPhones due to disabled NFC payments. People simply did not carry cash with them, and all cards were virtual, without plastic. In such a situation, they made a choice in favor of Android, where is MirPaybut as soon as the ability to pay by phone returns to the iPhone, they promise to switch back.

Antitrust authorities in Europe have long been interested in the lack of competition in iOS smartphone payments and will most likely oblige Apple to provide access to NFC and other payment systems. And that means MirPay on iPhone will work. In such a situation, iPhone owners will lose their dependence on Apple Pay and, in fact, one of the most annoying restrictions will disappear. The main thing, as it happens when third-party developers have access to some function, is that a third-party payment system can be selected by default, otherwise its launch will not be so simple.

But NFC isn’t just limited to payments. Yes, not many Apple technology users know that the NFC module can be used to instantly connect with any other technology. This limitation has existed in iOS since the appearance of such a module back in the iPhone 6 and Apple does not plan to change anything of its own free will, but other times may soon come.

It is not a fact that it will be allowed to use this module for a quick connection with other equipment, but if Apple simply opens access to it, then this will give the iPhone new features, including, they can be used to speed up the connection via AirDrop.

Many users want Apple to rethink the order launch of Apple Pay Or let me customize it. For example, if the iPhone screen is unlocked with face ID there would be no need to double-click on the block button to call up the card for payment. This hardly adds much to security, but it forces you to make an extra click.

Alternative app stores on iOS

Possibility install apps bypassing the App Store has long been discussed in Europe, but the matter has not yet come to real bills. Unlike Russia, for other countries there is no such urgent need to bypass the App Store. Yes, there is still Iran, but they have been living under sanctions for so long that they have already adapted to the conditions, and the iPhone is a product for very rich people.

But it is the US and Europe that are closest to forcing Apple to launch third-party app stores on its system. All this is justified by the struggle for competition, but it will only benefit us to receive additional sources for software installation. You will be able to update and install applications removed from the App Store without any problems.

In fact, NFC and app store are the most important reasons for some users to sell the iPhone, and by solving these two problems, people will happily return to a system that is familiar and convenient for them.

What will be the iPhone 14

We talked about software, and now let’s turn to hardware. Since the release of the iPhone X, only the lazy have not scolded Apple for the cutout in the screen in the form of a bang. In defense of the company, I want to say that when I used their smartphones, it was absolutely indifferent to its presence, it did not interfere in any way. Having tried the phone with a neat dot from the edge of the screen, this is already impossible to say.

I would like from a company that has always been famous for the design of a more elegant solution. And now, apparently, it is already on the horizon. All rumors say that in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, the cutout will be replaced with two separate cutouts, one for the front camera, the other for a set of sensors for Face ID.

A great solution would be to install cameras with a higher resolution, which has not changed since the iPhone 6s. This fact would increase the detail of the images and, together with Apple’s algorithms, could take shooting to another level.

It would not be superfluous to have more RAM on board, but the system optimization is at a very good level and the lack of RAM almost never affects. Just random access memory never a lot. The rest of the iron iPhones has always been at the highest level, therefore, apart from trifles, there are no new wishes.

If it so happens that Apple hears all these wishes, then I will be the first in line for new iPhone. The combination of hardware and software will be brought to almost perfection, and the only thing that can scare away new devices is the price. After all, having lost in income from the App Store in Cupertino, they will want to somehow compensate for them.

Most likely, the next stage of the hidden price increase will be getting rid of the charging cable in the kit, but this will be the last thing that can be excluded from the box, so you will have to increase the price directly next. Of course, there is a category of people who will not be stopped from buying and the new price, but let’s hope that Apple does not go too far from the competition.

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