The worst smartphone from Apple. What’s wrong with iPhone SE 2022


The iPhone SE 2022 was released in March and immediately became Apple’s cheapest smartphone to date. After its release, it became known that the previous SE 2020 model was discontinued. Thus, Apple got a powerful budget smartphone with camera phone functions, but, however, it didn’t impress anyone: according to insiders, the company was faced with low demand, which is why it decided to cut production. Meanwhile, users have already run into problems: one of them is related to updating iOS. We tell you what failures haunt the new iPhone SE.

iPhone restarts after update

Apple seriously ruined the lives of all iPhone owners by releasing iOS 15.4: Many have been waiting for this update due to the long-awaited masked face recognition feature. True, they have been waiting for a long time, almost two years, so users have already specifically forgotten about this feature. The update was functional in nature, no one expected trouble, so iPhone owners hurried to install it. But in vain: many readers of our Telegram chat encountered increased charge consumption and repeatedly complained about it.

Apple hastily released iOS version 15.4.1, which fixed this bug, but no luck: iPhones around the world began to discharge even faster. True, not all: for example, the experts found out that the old models and the iPhone 12 added a little more time. The remaining smartphones on iOS 15.4.1 faced a deterioration in autonomy. We have already talked in detail about this phenomenon – be sure to read our article!

Problems were not spared new iPhone SE. Complaints from newly minted owners began to appear on the network: this is due to the fact that iPhone started rebooting on its own. This bug occurs in a variety of situations not related to CPU load: someone discovered restart iPhone, taking it out of your pocket, others – when connected to the charger. Users note that this began to happen after the installation of iOS 15.4.1, which Apple, as we said earlier, has already managed to spoil the lives of iPhone owners.

Sales iPhone SE 2022

Before the spring presentation of Apple, it became clear that the iPhone SE 3 would not be the most popular device from Apple. And so it happened: at the end of March, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo published unofficial sales data cheapest iPhone: according to him, there was no surge in sales in the first days. Neither the flagship filling nor the low price helped: demand was lower than expected.

It was also noted that the recent suspension of the iPhone assembly plant did not affect the release of new items, but its sales still declined. According to industry analysts, the dimensions of the iPhone SE 2022 are to blame: Apple has stepped on the rake more than once, releasing compact devices. Just remember the iPhone 13 mini, which will be discontinued this year: nothing will help compact smartphones. Probably, Apple understands this, so in the next generation, instead of SE, we will already see an iPhone with a larger frameless screen.

How much does the iPhone SE 3 cost?

The unpopularity of the iPhone is also evidenced by its price: firstly, it has become more expensive from the first day of sales than its predecessor. Secondly, due to the suspension of sales, Apple simply does not deliver it. Gray sellers have already managed to establish parallel imports, buying a new iPhone in other countries. The Fontanka publication reports that the iPhone SE 2022 is worth its weight in gold – about 90,000 rubles. Just imagine what you can buy with this money instead of the iPhone 8, sorrySE 2022.

Smartphones are delivered from Europe, in particular, from Finland, where it costs an order of magnitude more expensive – about 528 euros for 64 GB. For the 256 GB version, they ask for almost 700 euros. At the same time, it is brought to Russia exclusively on order, and its price reaches 120,000 rubles – for this money you can safely buy an iPhone 13 Pro. Most cheap iPhone SE 2022 cost 69,000 rubles.

Why you should not buy iPhone SE 2022? At least due to the fact that for some unknown reason, Apple stupidly disabled the new “Quick Start” feature that allows you to transfer data from an old iPhone to a new one wirelessly. In any case, in the review of the new iPhone SE on the Rozetked YouTube channel, this was not possible. Is this due to the fact that the iPhone SE 3 is not intended for sales in Russia? Or is it all because of the notorious sanctions? It seems to be both: we will consider this a small dirty trick from Apple along with the removal of Russian applications from the App Store.

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