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Do you often have to record what is happening on the computer screen? I need this all the time and I am periodically approached with the question “how to do it” by people who should not need this at all. However, everyone is constantly writing down some kind of instructions, demonstrations, lessons, blogs and the like. There are a huge number of screen recording tools and there are even regular ones, both in Windows and in MacOS. But everyone has their downsides. I won’t claim that the method I found is perfect, but it provides some very useful features that other screen capture tools lack. It also allows you to record sound and do some other useful things.

Video editing software

All you need to use is to download the free Wondershare Filmora app. It also has a paid version, but the free version is enough to understand the process. I will talk about prices below, so read to the end of the article.

The program itself is a video editor that allows you to edit video, if not at a professional level, then at a very high level. Its interface incorporates the best of Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Proand among the functions there are not only filters, but also advanced color correction, work with a chrome key, stabilization, the very function of capturing video and audio, as well as some other things.

Screen Recorder

To record a screen, you need to run the program, create a new project (“File” – “New project” – select a resolution) and go to the tab”Media“. After that, click on the button at the top of the list of imported clipsRecording” and choose what we need.

In this case, we want to record a video. For example, it could be gameplay, tutorial video, or something else. The most important thing is that after recording it will automatically get into the imported files and you can work with it. If VoiceOver is available in different video editing programs, then screen recording pulls on an exclusive chip.

Selecting ”PC screen recording”, you will be taken to the settings of this very entry. Everything is simple and intuitive here. You will be able to choose the recording resolution. I default to 4096 by 2304 dots, since that’s my iMac’s screen resolution. To the right, you can choose whether the microphone and speakers will be used during recording.

Below there will be a choice of the recording area – full-screen or arbitrary. If you choose the second option, you will be prompted to define the zone that will be recorded. In this case, the start and end points will be accompanied by axial lines in order to understand whether what is needed will fall into the frame. When the zone is selected, it can be moved and adjusted by dragging the corresponding elements. Farther just start recordingby pressing the big red button.

If these settings are not enough, then at the very bottom there is a section “Settings“. There are many more of them. For example, you can choose:

  • Screencast save location
  • Frame rate
  • Quality
  • Stop recording after a certain time
  • Display or no mouse clicks (with color selection)
  • Keyboard shortcut to stop recording
  • Buttons to pause (pause) recording

With these settings, you can record any screencast, which will then be easy to process and use for its intended purpose. Even if you just need to trim a little at the beginning and at the end, doing it in one program is still easier than using a separate application.

What can I say if you cook gaming video and it needs to be installed somehow. It is not for nothing that many of the best gaming YouTubers use this particular program when creating their videos.

Sound recording software

But these are not all possibilities capture in Wondershare Filmora. There is also a webcam capture that supports camera selection, resolution settings, frame rate detection and audio recording activation. But much more interesting (and more in demand) sound recording. It is the voice acting of videos that is often needed when creating any content, and here it is also there.

Here the settings will be, to put it mildly, smaller. But this process does not require such fine tuning. Usually the sound needs to be captured in high quality, and then deal with processing, transformation and mixing. Therefore, you can only select a microphone if several are connected.

How to edit game videos

It is not worth telling once again in detail about the Wondershare Filmora video editing program. Not only is it intuitive in itself, especially if you have used something similar before, but we also had a detailed review of it. Moreover, not only text, but also video.

I will only say once again that the program has a free version for trial use, paid and even subscription. I would recommend starting with a free one, try everything, and then pay.

The program itself is available for both Windows and Mac. Therefore, everyone will find a version for themselves. Probably, it will be difficult to find something better in terms of the ratio of features and cost.

Download Wondershare Filmora for free

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