The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are almost Samsung. See for yourself


Even before Apple introduced the iPhone 14 Pro in the new design, everyone just went crazy admiring its novelty and freshness. After all, not only did the company’s designers abandon the boring visor in favor of a very stylish oval recess called Dynamic Island, and also developed specially for it unique, as it seemed to everyone then, usage scenarios. What are the notifications that are very neatly flying out of the island, and not falling out from above, as it was before. But even such a trifle was not invented by Apple itself.

Dynamic Island for Android

Let’s start in order. The same capsule-shaped notch that Apple replaced the famous bangs in the screen of its flagship smartphones and even came up with a separate name for it, initially debuted in Samsung devices. The first device with this kind of technological hole in the screen was Galaxy S10+. True, the Koreans were frightened of their resourcefulness and placed a notch on the right edge so that it would not be very conspicuous, while Apple did not hesitate and placed it right in the middle.

Someone will probably say that Dynamic Island by Apple in principle, it is more technologically advanced and more complicated, because it contains not only a camera, but also face recognition sensors. Indeed it contains. But Galaxy S10 5G, which at one time was the most advanced Samsung smartphone, also had a corresponding sensor. Many did not even suspect that the Korean flagship was equipped with ToF sensor, who was also responsible for scanning the face. He worked, of course, not as well as True Depth for iPhonebut the very fact that such a technology has already been used is undeniable.

notifications on samsung

The idea is to shoot from the top of the display notifications, is also not owned by Apple, but by Samsung. Despite the fact that Galaxy smartphones use either a teardrop-shaped or an island round notch, all push notifications on the devices of the Korean brand are displayed exactly the same as on new iPhones 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Truth, push on samsung appear out of nowhere, and on iPhones from a notch, resulting in Apple’s execution of notifications in the middle of the screen looking more justified due to the presence of a notch. But it doesn’t fundamentally change anything.

It is important to understand that implementation notifications from Samsung and Apple are exactly the same in terms of technology. It looks like this: when a notification arrives on the device, a small oval with the application logo first appears in the middle of the screen (in its upper part), and then it spreads out and the contents of the push materialize on it. If you tell me that Apple came up with this itself, then you are lying blatantly. Because in Samsung smartphones This technique was implemented several years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if the very design idea of ​​the iPhone 14 Pro was born under the influence of push notifications in One UI.

Widgets on the lock screen

Lock screen widgets – same way. No, they were not invented by Samsung, but, it seems, by Google, which introduced them back in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. True, the developers of the search giant quickly refused to develop this direction, but Samsung, on the contrary, decided to experiment. So in firmware One UI widgets appeared on the lockscreen. They may not have been as colorful as the ones in iOS, but they were certainly no less practical.

The only thing Samsung can be blamed for is the reluctance to open the lock screen widget API to third-party developers, as Apple did. In this case, the widgets themselves would be much larger, and their capabilities would be much wider. Still, application creators know better what strings to pull so that users want to access certain functions. In this sense, of course, Apple went a little further. Maybe out of laziness. In order not to engage in their development on their own. But, one way or another, the idea itself does not belong to her.

Apple and new products

Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not trying to belittle Apple or its achievements, even if they are peeped on the side. Rather, on the contrary, the very fact that the company manages to refine unsuccessfully implemented concepts after others only plays into its hands. After all, a bicycle with square wheels will definitely not go. And in Cupertino, although they took someone else’s idea as a basis, as a result they were able to develop it in the right direction, making it so that people liked what they were offered.

Just for me as for Apple fan with many years of experience, remembering the revolutionary developments of the company since Steve Jobs, all this looks like a half measure. One gets the feeling that there are almost no revolutionaries left in Cupertino. Their place has been taken by the evolutionists, who prefer not to make sudden moves, and instead of surprising and delighting people, take a more rational, albeit more boring, approach. And this, unfortunately, almost does not cause a desire to buy new Apple products.

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