The iPhone 14 Plus is a complete failure. Here are 4 reasons not to buy it


The iPhone 14 Plus went on sale later than the rest of the models, but it just so happened that literally on the very first day when it appeared on store shelves, many of the shortcomings of this smartphone became known. An interesting coincidence: all these days since the presentation of the big iPhone, analysts’ opinions about successful sales also differed, although many of them claimed that the novelty would become a hit. However, at the moment it seems that the iPhone 13 mini was not so bad – in any case, it did not find so many shortcomings in the first days of sales. Let’s find out what iPhone 14 Plus problems known at the moment.

iPhone 14 Plus Performance

The first and most serious shortcoming was iPhone 14 Plus overheating in games. And if the manifestation of throttling when using energy-intensive applications is quite normal for smartphones, then something is wrong with the new product. According to bloggers, iPhone 14 Plus starts freezing in Genshin Impact indecently fast: at first it seems that there are no problems when playing at maximum settings – the iPhone 14 Plus produces 60 frames per second without any problems.

True, after five minutes it starts to freeze, and then the frame rate drops to 30 fps. Even though the average was 56.7 frames per second in 10 minutes of play, it’s still very bad, because during this time the smartphone heated up from 30 to 45.4 degrees. It may seem that the problem is unexpected, but no: A15 Bionic suffers from this “disease” even in iPhone 13, which means that cooling system in iPhone 14 Plus leaves much to be desired and is not suitable for games.

iPhone 14 plus camera

Apple noted that the new iPhone 14 Plus (like the iPhone 14) has an improved camera, which was upgraded with new lenses, Action Mode stabilization, and a new Photonic Engine: in our article, we said that the differences between iPhone 13 shots and iPhone 14 not so much, and in some cases the new smartphone completely spoiled the picture.

It looks like it didn’t seem to us: users report that they were disappointed with the quality of photos from the new iPhone 14 Plus. They are so bad that even a mid-budget Android smartphone takes better pictures. Users note that they were disappointed in the new product, even despite the increased battery and display size.

iPhone 14 Plus Sales

Despite the fact that many consider the iPhone 14 Plus to be almost the most outstanding smartphone from Apple in recent times, not everyone agrees with this. For example, insider Ming-Chi Kuo noted that judging by pre-orders, even the iPhone 13 mini was more popular than the iPhone 14 Plus. Even the iPhone SE 2022, which has recently been forgotten, has overtaken the new “plus” on pre-orders!

If you still think that this is just speculation, then here’s another interesting fact for you. It turns out that the smartphone is already on sale at a significant discount. It is reported that third-party sellers who have relied on a successful replacement for the iPhone 13 mini are now selling stock from warehouses at a significant discount. And this is in the first days of sales!

It turned out that sellers expected high demand for the hyped model, but something went wrong, so now the 512 GB iPhone 14 Plus is sold for $ 1220 instead of 1365, and the base model with 128 GB is sold for $ 915 instead of 985. However, this is not surprising: the basic iPhone 14 also fell in price very quickly in Russia, as a result of which the price fell almost to the level of the iPhone 13.

Should You Buy an iPhone 14 Plus?

It seems that the place of the iPhone 13 mini turned out to be cursed, not otherwise. The iPhone 14 Plus risks becoming another failed smartphone from Apple, but if the company did not have high hopes for the same iPhone SE 2022, then the new line should have sold clearly better. But buying an iPhone 14 at such a high price as it is now, of course, is not worth it.

  • New iPhone 14 chips do not work in Russia: This applies to emergency warning and satellite communications. Whether they will work, no one knows. Although both features are the main difference from the iPhone 13.
  • The high price of the iPhone 14 Plus: the smartphone is a stripped-down version with old hardware of last year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max. We have already said that now it is really more profitable to buy last year’s smartphone.
  • The iPhone 14 Plus is simply a larger version of the iPhone 14. Whereas the larger iPhone used to have more RAM and better cameras, now there are no functional differences.

As you can see, in 2022, chasing a new iPhone turned out to be useless: it’s just a larger version of last year, but at a higher price! More like a real mockery of buyers who want to upgrade their smartphone as soon as possible! So, if possible, choose last year’s models instead of new basic iPhones, or wait a couple of weeks until their prices drop to the level of last year’s smartphones.

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